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Sunday, 19 August 2018 00:00

ITS Robotics Team Wins 19 Awards in Taiwan

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Robotics Team of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya, East Java once again made achievements. This time the robotics team won an award in the RoboWorld Cup 2018 FIRA event in Taiwan. Previously the team also won the RoboCup 2018 event in Canada and bagged the overall champion of the 2018 Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI). In a competition that took place from August 6 to 12 at the Feng Chia University Campus in Taichung City, Taiwan, the ITS robotics team managed to bring a total of 19 award goes home.The instructor of the ITS Robotics Team, Muhtadin said that specifically for the RoboWorld Cup 2018 FIRA, the full preparations only lasted for three weeks. After the completion of the Indonesian Robot Contest in mid-July, the team immediately prepared themselves for this FIRA RoboWorld Cup contest. Three teams of robots competed in Taiwan namely the Ichiro team (legged robot) competing in the FIRA Humanoid Robot Cup (HuroCup) category, the Iris team (wheeled robot) competing in the FIRA Roboshot category, and the Bayu Caraka Team (flying robot) competing in the FIRA Air category. Muhtadin in a press statement received by Antara Surabaya thanked the Ministry of Reseach and High Learning for all the opportunities and support provided until the ITS team won the championship. In addition to getting 19 awards, Robot Ichiro Adultsize which won 2 weightlifting Champion also managed to get a world record. Until the 23rd FIRA RoboWorld Cup, the weightlifting record for Adultsize class robots is 100 CDs. According to Muhtadin, during the preparation of the race, they tried to always practice with 100 CDs and it turned out that the robot was able to work well. Therefore, Ichiro's team tried to increase the number of CDs lifted to 130 CDs, thus breaking the world record. He added that this record could be achieved because the robots used in the Adultsize match were large. So it has good stability and has been developed for two years.Despite bringing 19 awards, the ITS Robotic Team also encountered difficulties. Muhtadin said, this year there were several changes in the rules of the match. The rules were made more difficult than last year to give challenges to each participant. Changes to the rules of this match caused participants to face a little difficulty due to time constraints. Even though the mistakes that occur always become a lesson for the team for future success. According to Muhtadin, the ITS Robotics team still has other targets to be achieved. For Ichiro's team, it is targeted to become a Robocup champion in the Kidsize class, as well as to defend the champion in the Teensize class that has been achieved previously in Canada.

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