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Sunday, 19 August 2018 00:00

Scout Movement Needs Revitalization to Face Different Challenges

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President Joko Widodo said that the Scout Movement must revitalize itself so that it can continue to form strong, resilient, noble, and innovative based on Pancasila philosophy humans. Revitalization of the Scout Movement is needed because the challenges faced by the young generation are now very different from what was faced in the past. The President was speaking at the 57th Scout Day Commemoration Ceremony at Gajahmada Field, Wiladatika Recreational Park, Cibubur, Jakarta, Tuesday (8/14) afternoon. The Scouts , said the President, must be taught not only the Morse language, but also digital language and knowledge, coding, and artificial intelligence, including knowledge about Advance robotic, and the internet. He said, the language and knowledge of the industrial revolution 4.0 which had begun to change the face of human civilization in the world, must be known. The head of state reminded that now the economy is changing, politics is changing, socio-culture is changing, everything is changing. Therefore, he asked members of the Scout Movement to emphasize that behind line-up exercises, building tents, training to make knots there are superior values ​​of discipline, superior values ​​of perseverance and noble character. These superior values ​​are needed by Indonesia's young generation to win global competition now and in the future. These are​​needed to bring Indonesia into a winning nation, become a victorious nation. All of that, must be instilled by the Scout Movement in creative ways, current ways, ways that are favored and captivate the attention of generation Y and Generation Z, who are critical,want to work hard, whose behavior is already increasingly digital. That, the president emphasized, must be considered by the Scout Movement to remain relevant to the lives of Indonesia's young generation today. Ending his speech, President Jokowi left a message to all members of the Scout Movement throughout the archipelago. First, to remember and maintain always Pancasila and Unity in Diversity. Secondly, to continue being a generation that is in thirst for achievement, for work hard in any field that the scout members live, because the achievements are the pride of the nation. And thirdly, if the time comes for a generation of Scout Movement members to lead this nation, the President entrusts them with the Indonesia's future. Meanwhile, Chairman of the National Scout Movement Adhyaksa Dault in a live broadcast at Pro 3 RRI, explained this year theme “ Scouts as Adhesive of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia-NKRI was to strengthen the cadre's determination to become a Glue of Unity between the nations. He explained, Scouts maintain the continuity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia by becoming a glue of the nation regardless of the Religion of Race and Groups - SARA. With formal education the challenges are increasingly evident with the existence of drug problems and inter-student brawls. Creative breakthroughs continue to take place in Scout cadres with character education.

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