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The Film “November the 10th” or “Battle of Surabaya” by Mohammad Suyanto, Hery Soelistio, and Adi Djayusman won the category of “Best Animation or Animated Sequence” at the Amsterdam International Filmmaker Festival. The film produced in 2015 was nominated for three categories, namely best sound, best film, and best animation. The trophy for the winner of best animation category was received by Deputy  Ambassador of Indonesian Embassy to the Netherlands in The Hague, Mr. Fikry Cassidy, representing the MSV Pictures Production House which could not attend the festival. The achievement of ‘Battle of Surabaya’ the movie at the 2018 Amsterdam International Film Festival marks the success of the film of having successfully received 24 international awards.

The embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bangkok introduced a new platform called “The E-library of the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok” or “KBRI Bangkok E-library”. The application is presented by the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok in a bid to support the government’s program in developing the quality of education, dissemination of information, and promotion of Indonesian culture. The E-library of the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok is a digital library application that can be used on the iOS and Android platform. Within this application, there are 2.500 books, magazines, and newspapers provided by the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok in collaboration with 700 publishers both domestic and overseas. Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand, Ahmad Rusdi after the launching of the digital library at the Indonesian Embassy Building in Bangkok, Saturday (18th of August 2018), said that this E-library is the first digital library of the Indonesian Embassy in the world. The launching of the application was carried out in line with the commemoration of the 73rd Independence Day of Indonesia held by the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok.

Coordinating Minister of Human Development and Culture, Puan Maharani, received the new Vice Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of China, Sun Chunland on Sunday (19th of August 2018). Both of them discussed the preparation of the 4th High Level Meeting People to People Exchange Mechanism (HLM-PEM) to be held in China. During his visit, Vice Prime Minister, Sun Chunlan also attended the Opening Ceremony of the 18th Asian Games, and it was her first time visiting Indonesia after she was inaugurated as the new Vice Prime Minister replacing Liu Yandong in March 2018. Through the 4th High Level Meeting People to People Exchange Mechanism (HLM-PEM), Indonesia and China have boosted their intensity in education partnership. It is recorded that there were about 14,000 Indonesian students in China in 2017 on which the trend increases every year. The another cooperation to be conducted between China and Indonesia is the cooperation of research and technology in which both of the governments support the implementation of cooperation stated in the 2018-2020 Plan of Action on Science, Technology, and Innovation Cooperation. The plan includes the implementation of Young Scientist Program facilitating Indonesian young researchers to obtain working opportunity and conducting research with Chinese researchers. 

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