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Thursday, 16 March 2023 15:09

Ministry Forms Task Force To Monitor Bali Tourism

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Jakarta (voinews): Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno on Wednesday informed that his administration has formed a task force comprising personnel from several institutions to monitor tourism in Bali.

"We have formed a task force. We will monitor well, (from) Bali Tourism World, us (Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry) from center, and region," he said after attending an event hosted by an online transportation company here on Wednesday.

The task force will review many facets of tourism to improve the sector for the future, he said.

Other than its scenic views, Indonesia will be known for effective law enforcement, which will prioritize tourists who follow regulations and impose strict sanctions against those who violate them, the minister added.

“So, we have the (image) that tourists are welcomed, given the red carpet by Indonesia; however, they have to follow the rules, and if they do not follow the rules and do violations often, they will be warned. And if necessary, if they do multiple violations, we won't hesitate to deport the tourists and blacklist them," he expounded.

The minister further informed that on average, tourists who were involved in the focus group discussion at the event held by Gojekdid not use motorbikes and only used them when there was a traffic jam.

"However, they rent motorbikes through the online motorcycle taxi (service); some tourists use point-to-point (services),” he added.

According to data, only a small percentage of tourists rent bikes, thus the point-to-point ecosystem will be improved in Bali's tourism system, he said.

Commenting on the data on motorbike accidents in Bali, the minister said that they happen because tourists cannot ride the vehicles well, and there are also many traffic violations owing to lack of proper communication on regulations, monitoring, and law enforcement aspects.

Hence, he urged the Bali government to pursue policies that are in accordance with the goals of high-quality sustainable tourism. (antaranews)

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