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Monday, 20 March 2023 19:56

The benchmark for the nation's progress is seen from its literacy index level

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Talk show on Increasing the Community Literacy Index (PILM) in Lampung Province - 


President Joko Widodo on various occasions often emphasizes the importance of maximizing human resource capabilities. One way is through literacy. The benchmark for the nation's progress is seen from its literacy index level.

“Literacy culture is a matter of habit. The problem with the source of information, whether from physical or digital media, is just a technical issue," explained Deputy Governor of Lampung Chusnunia Chalim at a talk show on Increasing the Community Literacy Index (PILM) in Lampung Province, Monday (20/3).

Indonesia must pay close attention to the demographic bonus it will receive in the next 10-15 years. Does it contribute to the advancement of community literacy or not? Because it's useless if the potential that is owned is not able to make the quality of Indonesian people superior and competitive.

"We have been independent for 77 years. The Indonesian people must prove themselves capable of producing goods or services that have high international benefits. Dare to be a producing country, not a consumer," explained Head of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Monday, the government encourages the activities of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to be more creative, innovative and productive.

Last year (2022), the government has disbursed IDR 526 trillion from the APBN for the benefit of MSMEs. This does not include what has been budgeted through the regional budget of IDR 536 trillion, and BUMN posts of IDR 425 trillion.

Of course, in order for the MSME market to expand, technology is needed to support the existence of MSMEs, such as the presence of online media, which has recently been used to sell certain goods/services.

This is where the active role of local government and all related institutions is required. They must have new methods, new concepts and theories so that MSMEs are assisted in product dissemination or creativity. And it cannot be obtained except by reading.

"Knowledge is obtained from reading. Until now there has been no transfer of theory and practice from books to the brain other than reading," emphasized the Head of National Library of Indonesia.

Mulyadi Alkahfi, one of the successful MSME actors in Lampung province, admitted that without reading and literacy, it would be impossible for his frozen banana products to be widely known and liked.

Unlike most people, Mulyadi started his career with zero experience. Starting from a home industry and having no business knowledge. Luckily, his wife has the ability to play social and online media, from which her packaged products are marketed.

"Alhamdulillah, from reading every business development it can now be observed to be used as a reference for product development," admitted Mulyadi.

He also added that business does not only talk about delicious products but also other supporting facilities that help in marketing, such as halal certificates.

Mulyadi's success in developing his frozen banana business is proof of walking literacy. Because he is able to produce goods/services from what he reads. Continue to create and innovate so that the business continues.

"Social inclusion-based library transformation (TPBIS) is a program that the government relies on, in this case the National Library, in encouraging people to practice independence for their welfare," concluded Main Librarian Sri Sumekar//VOI

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