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Wednesday, 24 May 2023 11:17

Poland Seeks To Promote Agri-Food Exports to Indonesia

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VOINews, Jakarta - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland Wojciech Gerwel has said that he wants to promote agricultural food exports to Indonesia during his visit to the country this week.

"We are very interested to promote our exports, especially in the agri-food sector," Gerwel informed at a press conference at the Polish Embassy here on Tuesday.

He said his country is experiencing a deficit. Therefore, it is seeking to increase economic cooperation with Indonesia, especially in the agricultural food sector.

Poland has previously imported agricultural food products from Indonesia.

Besides agricultural food, Poland also wants to open a market in Indonesia for beef and blueberry products.

In addition, it is interested in exporting green technology and in the energy sector.

During his visit to Indonesia, Gerwel has conducted a number of consultations with several ministries and held business forums with many Polish companies in Indonesia.

He is also prioritizing economic cooperation.

Gerwel noted that the value of the trade between Indonesia and Poland in 2022 reached nearly US$2 billion, a two-fold increase compared to three years prior.

"So, you can see that there's a very positive dynamic in the trade," he said.

However, Poland will continue to seek ways to increase trade and business cooperation with Indonesia, which it considers as an important partner in Asia and Southeast Asia.

Besides discussing economic cooperation, Gerwel also discussed opportunities for other collaborations, such as educational as well as cultural exchanges.

Gerwel also discussed international issues, especially the Russian invasion of Ukraine as well as the European Union's cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). (Antaranews)

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