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Thursday, 25 May 2023 14:49

Anticipating Election Fraud in 2024, Election Commission Still Relies on Counting System

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VOINews, Jakarta - The General Election Commission (KPU) still relies on the Vote Counting Information System (Situng) in the upcoming 2024 elections. Situng is a strategy that was carried out in the 2019 Election, considered effective in anticipating fraud when calculating votes.

"From time to time we do (anticipate fraud), for example in the 2019 Election the KPU made Situng. We changed it to the Vote Result Recapitulation Information System in the 2020 Pilkada, then we adopted it for the 2024 Election," said Hasyim when met by reporters at the KPU Office, Jl. Imam Bonjol, Jakarta, Wednesday (24/5/2023).

He explained that Situng is a development of Scan C1 which was first implemented in the 2014 elections. Where polling station officers scan C1 documents and upload them to the KPU website to be published.

"The KPU also verifies whether the count is correct or not. If there is an accusation, 'The count is not correct, why is it published?' Indeed, we publish it as it is, as real as it is," said Hasyim.

If the vote count is wrong, he explained that the KPU will send the C1 data to the Regency / City KPU. This is an effort to let the public know that there is a wrong count.

"But don't forget, these mistakes are known by the KPU. Then we send the results back to the Regency / City KPU where the C1 Form from the TPS comes from to be corrected," said Hasyim.

He emphasized that the KPU invited anyone to witness the vote count at each polling station. Witnesses are welcome to take photos and record the vote counting process at polling stations that are held openly.

"So the vote counting process will be carried out openly. If there are allegations of manipulation, it must be known by many people," said Hasyim.

He further said that the KPU will make corrections according to Election Law No. 7/2017. This is used if there are complaints at the district level.

"Checking the results one level below. KPU makes a policy of prohibiting Regency / City KPU and Provincial KPU from recapitulating when there are complaints or objections from election participants," said Hasyim. (RRI)

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