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Monday, 17 September 2018 12:42

Mosaic of Indonesia

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Mayor of Banda Aceh, H Aminullah Usman said,the most effective way to rouse the creative economy by making Banda Aceh a world tourism destination.This was revealed by Mayor Aminullah Usman when he opened the Indonesian Youth National Committee - KNPI Banda Aceh Week at a cafe in the Lampineung area on Saturday (15/9). According to him, the creative economy sector will absorb a lot of employees. He also said that if more and more tourists come, they will hunt for souvenirs which are one type of creative economy products.In addition to promotion, supporting infrastructure also continues to be built such as the arts and cultural stage at Taman Sari as well as heritage Riverwalk and culinary centers on the banks of Krueng Aceh and Krueng Daroy. He also expressed his appreciation to KNPI for opening up a forum for creativity for youth through activities attended by dozens of participants.

The Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises –UKM, Puspayoga appreciated the participation of cooperatives in collaboration with State-Owned Enterprises -BUMN and the private sector. The government accelerates the availability of electricity in all villages in Indonesia. Minister Puspayoga stated this after launching the Desa Terang 2018 or Bright Village 2018 in Krawang Sari Village, Natar District, Lampung Province on last Saturday (15/9). The Indonesian Farmers Fishermen Service Cooperative -KJG drives the program. Lampung is a pilot Desa Terang program that will be implemented nationally. The Minister requested that the KJG continues to expand electricity lighting in all regions in Indonesia to accelerate the government's target in a bid to achieve energy sovereignty.General Chairperson of the Indonesian Farmers Fishermen Service Cooperative –KJG, Dadang Mishal Yofthie said the Desa Terang is a program to provide electricity-saving solar lights for free to people who have not yet had access to electricity. The program as an effort by the KJG and its partners helps the government achieve the target of achieving access to information at 98.95 percent in 2018 which reaches the villages.

Silat or martial arts fighters competition was held again in the series of Anyer Krakatau Culture Festival -AKCF by the Serang District Government.The activity entitling ‘Kaserangan Silat Moves Festival’ was held at Plorida Beach, Cinangka District, Serang Regency on last Saturday (15/9).The fighters competed to show Kaserangan Silat moves, which was initiated by the Regent of Serang, Ratu Tatu Chasanah. As many as 40 representatives of Paguron martial arts (college) showed the ability to compete for the Serang Regent Cup. Kaserangan Silat moves were created  by 13 elders of warriors from 12 schools of Silat in Serang Regency.Secretary of the Formation Team of the Kaserangan Silat Moves, which is also the Committee of the Kaserangan Silat Moves Festival, Medi Subandi in a press release on Saturday (16/9) stated that the moves were created by martial arts warriors, but initiated by Mrs. Ratu Tatu Chasanah as the Serang Regent. Chairman of the 2018 AKCF Committee, Agus Erwana said in Serang District that there are 129 universities. However, only 40 Pagurons were selected to participated in the Kaserang Silat Kick festival. Those who took part in the competition represented 29 sub-districts in Serang Regency. Regent of Serang, Ratu Tatu Chasanah said that Silat is an Indonesian cultural art so that in the Asian Games event, Indonesia could win the most gold medals. In the future, she hopes, many fighters from Banten, especially Serang regency, can perform in every national and international competition.

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