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Thursday, 13 September 2018 00:00

Mosaic of Archipelago

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Today's Mosaic of the Archipelago presents information: first, Melaspas ritual of Simpang Ngurah Rai Underpass. The second information is that Satu Suro carnival of Surakarta palace is participated in by 7 albino buffalos. We end Mosaic of the Archipelago with the information on Chief of National Police enlivens Asian Para Games 2018 torch parade in Makassar. 

National Road Implementation Center 8 held Melaspas or Macaru ritual or sanctification of Simpang Tugu Ngurah Rai Underpass on Wednesday (12/9), before it is planned to officiated in mid- September.


Head of Preservation Sector of the Center, Nusakti Weda said that Melaspas ritual was gratitude to have completing underpass project development. Underpass project development can be completed faster from the previous target on October 20, 2018, completing on July 31, 2018. The Underpass will be operated to support the implementation of IMF and World meeting in October.


Director of traffic of regional police of Bali, Commissioner Pol AA Made Sudana said at the location that with the existence of the underpass, traffic jam in Denpasar can be easily overcome, especially when Bali faces international events such as IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings 2018 in October.


Made Sudana also said that his side does not want to take a risk if later the state’s delegations and guests are stuck in a traffic jam in Bali. With the existence of the underpass, the police set travel time from  I Gusti Ngurah Rai International airport to the location of the event around 30 minutes. To welcome Javanese New Year, Surakarta Hadiningrat sultanate on Tuesday (11/9) conducted heirloom carnival of Malam Satu Suro, night of change of New Year in Javanese community. The ceremony was participated in by hundreds of relatives and servants of the sultanate. The welcoming event of Javanese New Year was witnessed by thousands of the community along the route which was passed.  Based on RRI’s observation, 7 albino buffalos, descent of Kyai Slamet Kagungan Dalem Sinuhun of the 13th Paku Buwono became ‘Cucuk Lampah’ or road guide. In addition, dozens of the core heirlooms of Islamic Mataram kingdom’s heritage were paraded around the sultanate. Hundreds of the participants of the parade were jointly walking and conducting so-called ‘Topo Bisu’ ritual  or walking without saying any word. Hundreds of tings, small lanterns and bamboo torches became light during the parade. The aroma of incense was smelled along the trip. Relative of Surakarta sultanate, Dipokusumo explained that Malam Satu Suro parade has begun since Paku Buwono X leadership as form of commemoration and welcoming change of Javanese New Year of Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo. The calculation combines the date of Hijriyah Islamic calendar and Hindu Saka. Thus, the event is conducted routinely every year as ritual and preservation of the culture. 

Chief of National Police, General Tito Karnavian enlivened Asian Para Games 2018 torch parade in Makassar, South Sulawesi on Wednesday (12/9). He participated in the torch parade from Resort Police of Big City of Makassar to Karebosi field. Asian Para Games torch was directly brought by javelin throw’s athlete, the gold medalist of Vietnam Asian Para Games 2005, Bahar Rahman and he handed over to the Chief of National Police. General Tito was accompanied by Governor of South Sulawesi, Nurdin Abdullah and Mayor of Makassar, Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto. Thus, the torch was handed over to disabled badminton player, Zaldi who was the winner of silver medal in badminton in 2012. Asian Para Games torch was stored at Karebosi Makassar field as part of Asian Para Games 2018 series. Asian Para Games 2018 will start being held on October 6 - 13, 2018.


That was Mosaic of the Archipelago.



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