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Today in History

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Today in History over RRI World Service -Voice of Indonesia.

We start from an event  on 15 September 1916, for the first time, England used tanks at battle of Somme in France at the First World War.

During the battle in  Somme, British troops attacked sporadically Germany. They introduced their tanks firstly in the history. In Flers-Courcelette,around   40 primitive tanks passed 1,5 kilometers in enemy area. Unfortunately, they were too slow in maintaining attacking position and susceptible to engine damage. Therefore, General Douglas Haig,War Commander of allied troops in Somme looked at big potential for future war so that he ordered it to War Department to produce hundreds of tanks.


We move on to an event of registered as domain name

Google was established by 2 friends: Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They established  Google while they were still at Stanford University. Address of has been registered since  15th September 1997. According to Wikipedia, Google officially  became a company on 4th September 1998.Besides the two people, another name that brought Google to be a big technology company  is Eric Schmidt. He is well-known as professional businessman. While it has been 6 years as private company, Google chose to be public enterprise by selling its share to public on 19th August 2004 at stock exchange in New York, USA.


We end Today in History with information about International Democracy Day. It was determined by the United Nations at a meeting in Cairo, Egypt. The meeting of Inter-Parliamentary Council conducted  universal declaration about democracy on

15 September 1997. Finally, the UN held  46th General Assembly plenary meeting on

8 November 1997 that resulted in resolution of  A/RES/62/7 which stated 15 September as International Democracy Day.

That’s Today in History from RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta.

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