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Mosaic of Indonesia

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Bangka Belitung Province is well known as "muntok white pepper” producer. Evidently, the plantation commodity of the region was inheritedby the Dutch government, to support the operational cost of tin ore mining. Head ofTin Museum of Indonesia, Muhammad Taufik, in Pangkalpinang, Tuesday (18/9) hoped the history of Muntok white pepper can add the visitors’ knowledge. He said that the 19th centurywas full of uncertainty on tin price. At that time, the tin price drooped and caused minings faced difficulty to continue its business. To survive, they looked for supporting finance by opening pepper plantation at surrounding the mining. They employed mine’s labors. The Dutch government sent a botanical expert team led by J,H Teijsmann to promote pepper plants in Bangka, to support the stability of life of tin ore miners.

Ministry of Industry through Directorate of Small and Medium Industry declared their readiness to facilitate entrepreneurship candidadtes on craft and fashion industry in Bandung, West Java to be able to realize their business through Creative Business Incubatorprogram. There were around 120 candidadtes who participated in Creative Incubator 2018Talk Show. This was stated by Director of Small and Medium Industry of Chemistry, Chotling, Diverse, and Craft, Ministry of Industry, E Ratna Utarianingrum, in Bandung, on Monday (17/9). Earlier, a similar event was conducted in Jakarta, and on September 28, in Bali. Creative Incubator Talk Show presented a number of speakers in creative industry sector, such as Head of Design and Product Development Brodo Footwearand Retail Marketing Officer Duanyam. According to Ratna, through the program, the young candidadtes will be given training and accompaniment to develop their business. The candicates will selected to participate in Creative Business Incubator Program from October 13th until December 1st in Jakarta. In addition, the candidates also will be given knowledge on business development strategy, product marketing, and increasing their motivation on entrepreneurship.

Minister of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection, Yohana Susana Yembise plans to develop Maluang village in Berau regency as the first village that free from child’s pornography. This was stated by Minister Yohana in the planning event of village of free from child’s pornography at Maluang village on Tuesday (18/9)The minister hoped Maluang can become role model to other villages in Berau regency and East Kalimantan Province. The minister also hoped, with the success of the program, so someday the village can lead up friendly village to the children and women in Indonesia. The minister affirmed that children must be saved from pornography, violence and dicrimination. She said big support of resident will make Maluang village a child-friendly village. It will be an embrio to bring the village to be child-friendly village. In the mutual declaration, Maluang villagers are ready to make their village free from pornography.

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