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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 00:00

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Seminar and business exploration between Indonesia and Laos business player is hoped to be able to increase people to people contact between the two countries and to encourage Indonesian entrepreneur to invest abroad especially in Laos. This was stated by Indonesian Ambassador to Laos, Pratito Soeharyo while opening the Investment Forum attended by Indonesia and Laos entrepreneurs in Vientiane, on September 21, 2018. The event received good responds from Laos entrepreneurs and open an opportunity for business cooperation between the two countries. The Indonesian Embassy to Vientiane always facilitates the event to support economic diplomacy among the two countries. During the forum the two sides also signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on buying and selling potassium chloride (KCL) between Lao Kaiyuan Mining Sole Co., Ltd., representing by You Mouyun and PT. Gresik Cipta Sejahtera, representing by Agung Setiya Budhi. It was expected the cooperation contract would worth US$ 5.2 million per year. 

For the first time, Indonesian consulate general in Nouméa, New Caledonia held a great performance entitled “Angklung pour l’Harmonie”. In accordance with the name, the event was aimed to strengthen relationship among all ethnics in New Caledonia. The first vice of Nouméa mayor, Jean-Pierre Delrieu, while opening the event said that Angklung has extra-ordinary philosophy. Angklung is an instrument which cannot be played alone, like human who must help one each other.The performance also involved dozen of artists not only from Indonesian community but also from Kanak, European, Walis, Chinese, and Vietnamese communities. The event which was held at Kiosque à Musique, city park was supported by Noumea hall, and great figures of Caledonia, such as Australian Consulate General, Honorable Consul of Japan, Honorable Consul of Vietnam, Head of Association of China, Representative of Directorate of Pacific Community, Vice Chairman of Congress, even French High Commissioner for New Caledonia.

Indonesian Embassy to Sofia  held Wonders of Indonesia 2018 which involved Indonesian designer, Ghea Panggabean. She was invited to perform in Sofia Fashion Week Autum 2018, by performing Regalia Nusantara fashion show which showcased various kinds of South Sumatera songkets, procession and cultural performance of Gending Sriwijaya,  and also collecting charity funds for earthquake victims in Lombok. The visitors of the event also could enjoy various Indonesian typical foods beginning from satay, rendang, yellow rice, pesmol fish, martabak, fried noodle, onde-onde until dadar gulung.The event which was held on September 21, 2018, was conducted to commemorate the 73rd independence of Indonesia and also the 62nd Indonesia – Bulgaria bilateral relation. Around 400 visitors including government, diplomatic representatives, businessmen, public and academists, showed their enthusiasmin witnessing the event. In her speech, Indonesian Ambassador of Sofia said that Bulgaria is one of Indonesia’s important partners in Balkan. Wonders of Indonesia 2018 did not only show the power of relation of the two countries but also open potential to increase better relation in the next future. Bulgaria DeputyForeign Affairs Minister also appreciated all promotion effortsconducted by Indonesian Embassy to Sofia all this time.

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