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Mosaic of Indonesia

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Yogyakarta Special Region –DIY, which has a lot of tourism potentials, is strong in the field of culture, and is known in the world, such as Prambanan Temple, Geopark, and marine tourism. For the acceleration of tourism development, the Yogyakarta Regional Government has set a priority for tourism objects to be developed for domestic and foreign tourists. Head of Capacity Building Section of the Development Administration Bureau and Natural Resources Yogyakarta Regional Secretary, Doni Dwi Yogya Handoko said on Wednesday (26/9) that his side has set a prioritized portfolio in the Yogyakarta tourism sector. He emphasized that there are seven priority tourist destinations: the Keraton-Malioboro and its surroundings, the Prambanan-Ratu Boko Temple area and its surroundings, the slopes of Mt. Merapi and its surroundings, the Gunung Sewu Karst area and its surroundings. In addition, there are also the Parangtritis area, Depok-Kuwaru and surrounding areas, the Menoreh Mountains and surrounding areas, as well as the Kasongan-Tembi, Wukirsari and surrounding areas. As for the construction and development of target markets, seven Yogyakarta tourism priority destinations are targeted foreign tourists from the Netherlands, Japan, France, Germane, and ASEAN countries.

Besides successful achievements and implementation, the 2018 Asian Games held on August 18-September 2 has helped boost economic growth in Palembang, South Sumatra. Acting Governor of South Sumatra, Hadi Prabowo in the evaluation of the 2018 Asian Games, Wednesday (26/9) said that South Sumatra's economic growth in 2018 increases to 5.51 percent compared to 2017 which reached 5,027 percent. Even South Sumatra's economic growth is above Indonesia's economic growth that reached 5.07 percent. The wider impact of organizing the 2018 Asian Games also covers other fields, such as infrastructure development, increased tourism and hospitality industry. While other impacts are on the field of cultural exchange, cooperation among provinces and countries, as well as providing education for the community on the implementation of the 2018 Asian Games. Furthermore, Hadi Prabowo said that in the infrastructure sector, Light Rail Train -LRT and 13 available stations will be integrated with other modes of transportation. Economic policy and regional stability in South Sumatra are quite stable with the implementation of two major events: the 2018 Asian Games and simultaneous general elections in 2018.

Governor of Bangka Belitung Islands, Erzaldi Rosman said that the Asian Para Games (APG) 2018 torch relay in Pangkalpinang City could improve the enthusiasm of the people in the area to have exercise. He also said in Pangkalpinang on Wednesday that not all regions could get moments like this. He hoped that the Asian Para Games spirit would become global spirit. Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Ceremony Division of Indonesia Asian Para Games 2018 Organizing Committee –INAPGOC, Raja Sapta Oktohari said that the third Asian Para Games fire is the spirit of the Asian Para Games that had existed in Asia. According to him, the Asian Para Games is the most prestigious sporting event for people with disabilities in Asia. This is the most historic moment for Indonesia, because Indonesia hosts the Asian Para Games for the first time. Pangkalpinang City becomes the city of the seven Asian Para Games torch parades before ending in Jakarta.

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