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Wednesday, 03 October 2018 00:00

Mosaic of Indonesia

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Chairperson of the National Craft Council of Jambi, Province, Ariansyah said that batik from Jambi is more popular, especially in Indonesia. Ariansyah, who is also Head of Industry and Trade Office of Jambi, explained to Antara on Tuesday (2/10) that Jambi’s batik is well known in Indonesia because of its beautiful motifs and color. He believed batik from Jambi will be more famous along with coaching and the empowerment of batik craftsman by the provincial or regional/city government of Jambi. Moreover, in every national event, the provincial government or the regional/city government of Jambi always participates in the promotion of batik of Jambi by facilitating the needs of the craftsman. Ariansyah suggested the craftsman to produce their own brand in order to be able to get patent.

Police Chief of Maluku, Inspector General Royke Lumowa, finally launched a program “ A day without motor vehicle”. The determination was officially planned after the police chief and his vice chief, supervision inspector and police personnel went to office by using bicycle on Tuesday (2/10). Cycling in complete uniform becomes a rare and the first time happening in Maluku.  Royke Lumowa hoped the program can overcome traffic jam, decrease air pollution and increase health. Every Tuesday, police staffs of Maluku are forbidden to ride motor vehicle to go to their office, they are only allowed to ride city’s transportation, bicycle, or walking. The program is hoped to motivate all people’s elements, so it is created “Populist healthy transportation”. In additional to overcoming the traffic jam, the program is also part of healthy life style.

One of Cirebon young entrepreneur who moves in Batik clothes, Ibnu Riyanto, told RRI Cirebon, on Tuesday (2/10), that Batik is Indonesian cultural heritage which should be preserved. Ibnu Riyanto insisted in improving and developing his batik business well and gives good image on Batik Trusmi Cirebon as pride to national and international level. Indonesian famous Fashion Designer fromCirebonArief Rachmanto, said that he is proud to be able to wearbatik in every his works. Arif Rachmanto also said, momentum of National Batik Day which falls on October 2nd, must be able to be a milestone to promote people’s love on the heritage of the Indonesianancestor. The world’s recognition on batik as the Indonesian heritage, must also be sounded to make international worldknow on batik. Riyanto hoped all Indonesian people can love batik in their daily life and becomes their own characteristic, and one of daily fashion for Indonesian people.

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