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Friday, 05 October 2018 14:01

Mosaic of Indonesia

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The Japanese government helps provide salted-fish drying machines for fishermen in Belitung. This was conveyed in a written statement made by the Japanese embassy in Jakarta on Wednesday (3/10). The handover of the drying machines as a grant from the Japanese government took place in Sijuk sub-district, Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Province. The handover was attended by Secretary II of the Japanese Embassy, Kazuho Yoshida, Head of Subdirectory of Foreigners' Supervision and Foreigners' Institution at the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Masykur, Regent of Belitung, Sahani Saleh, and Chairman of the Belitung Youths' Works (Karya Muda Belitung), Suryandaru. The project was a part of grassroots grants from the Japanese Government , with the value Rp 717 million and was signed by the Japanese Government and Chairman of the Belitung Youths' Works in March 2018. In Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Province, 50% of the fish are made into processed foods to be sold at markets. However, the weather condition often destabilizes fish-processing industry which complicates the small-scale fishermen. Through the project, the Japanese Government gave 10 fish drying machines consisting of 5 big and 5 small ones in a bid to develop the fishermen's welfare in six villages in Sijuk Sub-district. The Japanese Government hopes the aid can improve the small-scale fishermen's welfare. Therefore, the fishery industry and other related industries in Belitung can develop further.

Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN) in Serpong, Banten Regency has now an artificial intelligence laboratory that contributes not only the students but also industries. Rector of Multimedia Nusantara University, Ninik Leksono said in Tangerang Regency, Banten on Wednesday that the laboratory would be utilized to print accessible scientists' data to support the advancement of industries. Ninok perceives the artificial intelligence has recently become a friend as well as the necessity in industrial fields. Multimedia Nusantara University is also committed to producing qualified human resources as data scientists, big data experts, and artificial intelligence experts. Through the cooperation, students will be trained to become data scientists who are competent in their job, even they can also have an opportunity to work in Japan.

Consulate General of the Philippines, Oscar G. Orcine and his entourage attended the invitation of the former Ternate Sultan's son, Firman Mudaffar Syah on Wednesday (3/10) in a bid to discuss economic potentials in North Maluku and to establish cooperation. Orcine said that he and his entourage also visited the sultanate to discuss the economic potentials and the efforts of establishing mutual cooperation between the Philippines and North Maluku. Besides holding important meeting with the Sultanate's side, Regional Government and the Subsidiary of Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) in Ternate, the Philippines' Consulate General and his entourage also visited the palace (Keraton) of Ternate Sultanate, Tolire Lake, and witnessed the cultural attractions: Katreji Dance and the Baramsuwen Bambu Gila (Crazy Bamboo) attraction. Finally, they ended their visit by having a Gala Dinner at the hall of the small Keraton. According to Oscar, his side would like to establish trade route through the roll-on-roll ship whose operation had been inaugurated by President Joko Widodo some time ago. The discussion in regard to building the cooperation was also held between Indonesian Embassy to the Philippines, Sinyo Sarondajang and The Philippines' Embassy to Indonesia. Meanwhile, Firman Mudaffar Syah said that the selection of coconut as the main commodity of export is that basically the cooperation was also implemented several years ago. Besides coconut, the Philippines' Consulate General is also interested in seaweed as the commodity has high value.

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