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Tuesday, 14 November 2023 11:16

RI Strengthens TPBIS through KSST

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The Head of National Library take a picture with the participants of Knowledge sharing - 



Indonesia strengthens Social Inclusion Based Library Transformation (TPBIS) through South-South and Triangular Cooperation (KSST). Through collaboration with the Ministry of State Secretariat and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Library held an event entitled Library Transformation based on social inclusion.

This forum opened the door for 8 librarians from six Colombo plan member countries and 10 librarians from Indonesia to exchange knowledge and technology which will later be implemented in each country.

Met after the opening of the Social Inclusion Based Library Transformation (TPBIS), Monday (11/13/23) at the Jakarta National Library, Head of the Foreign Technical Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of State Secretariat Noviyanti emphasized that Indonesia is in accordance with the 2020-2024 National Medium Term Development Plan , continues to be strongly committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). TPBIS program, as part of this strategic effort.

"if we look at this extraordinary potential, what was said by the head was that inclusion for this library could really be developed further, there is still an extraordinary opportunity there for it to be replicated and friends from other countries who were present also The hope is that we can replicate this concept, even if it already exists in our respective countries, we can enlarge the scale so that we can see how this has become a global library achievement", Noviyanti said. 

Noviyanti added that this event aims to increase the role of libraries in improving the quality of life of users. This initiative has succeeded in transforming public libraries into communal spaces that provide solutions for the benefit of the community.

On the same occasion, the International Organizations Division for developing countries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ari Priyanto, said that developing countries must unite to strengthen cooperation and increase solidarity because of science.

"In essence, it is in line with one of our initiatives at the Asia-Africa Conference in 1955, how developing countries must unite, strengthen cooperation, increase solidarity because knowledge and skills do not come automatically, they are not free, but must be worked on, so fellow developing countries must be able to help each other", He said. 

He added that Indonesia attaches great importance to SSTC because it is in line with the national constitution which mandates Indonesia to maintain world order based on the values ​​of independence, eternal peace and social justice, as well as playing a central role in the framework of the 2030 sustainable development agenda/VOI-NK

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