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Songkolo Bagadang, Typical Culinary of South Sulawesi Featured

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If you are a culinary lover, and are in South Sulawesi, one of the typical South Sulawesi foods that you must try is Songkolo Bagadang. It is called songkolo because it comes from the word "Sokko" which means sticky rice. Because songkolo comes from processed sticky rice. "Bagadang" or staying up late is added because this food is often found late at night.

This Songkolo menu is included in the type of heavy food, because the main ingredient is made from white or black sticky rice. This sticky rice is cooked with coconut juice or coconut milk that makes the sokko taste delicious and sticky, especially with the addition of grated coconut which has been processed into "bajabu" or serundeng. Bajabu is often the best pairing for delicious sokko and is the right combination to shake up the tongue.

Usually, songkolo or sokko is combined with crispy anchovies, salted eggs and tomato sauce. Even in some places, songkolo is sometimes combined with chicken or beef. The combination of various flavors, including sweet, sour, spicy, savory and sticky, will add to the enjoyment of eating this songkolo. If you intend to bring songkolo or songkolo bagadang at home, then usually each portion of songkolo bagadang is wrapped in banana leaves tied with rubber. One pack of songkolo is sold from Rp 10 thousand to Rp 15 thousand. It’s very cheap, isn’t it?

For Makasar residents, songkolo is generally also eaten in the morning as breakfast before doing activities. What's unique is that when buying songkolo, you have to weigh it first, because there are 1.5 ounce packages and 2.5 ounce packages. These are, of course, different prices.

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