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Kambang Iwak Tourist Park, South Sumatra Featured

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Kambang Iwak Tourist Park is a beautiful city park with a lake in the middle which is now increasingly visited by many people, including Palembang residents and tourists. Kambang Iwak Park is located between Tasik Street and Sutomo Street, Palembang City.

This park, which covers an area of around 5 hectares, is equipped with various facilities which are continuously updated. These facilities include a children's playground, sitting place, drinking water taps, and free hotspot facilities for those who want to access the internet while relaxing and enjoying the shady garden.

This tourist park is one of the favourite tourist attractions to enjoy the green atmosphere and several Dutch heritage buildings. Kambang Iwak has now become a public facility for Palembang residents to gather, because it is equipped with various supporting facilities. 


The location of this park, not far from the city center of Palembang, makes Kambang Iwak easy to reach, both using private and public transportation. There is no entrance ticket fee to enter this area. Entering Kambang Iwak you will be greeted by lush green trees.

In the middle of the park there is a clean lake and is equipped with a fountain that comes to life every hour of the day. In the middle of the lake there is a bridge which is about 200 meters long. The bridge divides the lake and connects Tasik Street and Sutomo Street which are on the other side.

Apart from that, this park is also equipped with facilities and infrastructure that can make tourists feel at home chatting there. There is a jogging track for those of you who want to exercise, then there are lots of sitting places on the edge of the park lake. In the park area there are also many stalls or food stalls that serve various menus. 


The right time to visit Kambang Iwak is in the morning and evening, because at that time the air is cool enough and comfortable to enjoy this park. Because of its strategic location, this park is a gathering place for young people to carry out activities, such as skateboarding, dancing, playing guitar, taking photos, and so on. At night, this park is still busy with tourists because it is very bright with decorative lights surrounding almost every corner of the park.

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