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In Baubau

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Welcome to “Mari Berbahasa Indonesia” or Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia, which introduces Indonesian vocabulary and guides you to speak in Indonesian language. Mari Berbahasa Indonesia or Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia is a collaboration between Voice of Indonesia and the Language Development Agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research & Technology. Today’s topic is Di Baubau (2x) which means “In Baubau.”

Here is a conversation about “Bagaimana ceritanya?(2x) which means “What is the story behind it?”. Chris, a vlogger from Australia, was talking to a guide at Buton Place Fort in Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi. Chris was responding to the guide’s story about sacred stone at the Buton Palace Fort.


Penjaga (W) : Batu Popaua ini dianggap sakral oleh masyarakat Buton.

Chris (P) : Bagaimana ceritanya, Bu?

Penjaga (W)   : Konon batu ini menjadi tempat pertama kali sultan pertama Buton menginjakkan kaki.


Here are some vocabulary and expressions related to today’s topic. “Bagaimana ceritanya(2x) which means “What is the story behind it?”


bagaimana (2x)

which means How

ceritanya (2x)

which means The story

Bagaimana ceritanya, Bu?   (2x)

which means How is the story? / What is it about? / What is the story behind it

batu (2x)

which means Stone

sakral (2x)

which means Sacred

masyarakat Buton   (2x)

which means People of Buton

konon (2x)

which means People says

menjadi (2x)

which means Turns into

tempat (2x)

which means Place

pertama kali (2x)

which means The first time

sultan (2x)

which means Sultan

menginjakkan kaki   (2x)

which means Set foot


There is the expression “Bagaimana ceritanya?(2x) which means “What is the story behind it?”. In the expression, there is the phrase bagaimana (2x) which means “how”, which Indonesians use to ask about an event. The phrase “Bagaimana ceritanya?is actually asking about the story behind something. The word bagaimana (2x) which means “how” is usually followed by ceritanya (2x) or kisahnya (2x) or kejadiannya which means “the story” or “the event”.


Other examples.


Here is another example of using bagaimana (2x) which means “how” in asking about an event or how something happened.


Adri : Semalam ada pencurian di perumahan saya ( 2x) which means Someone breaks into my house last night.  

Dina : Bagaimana kejadiannya ? ( 2x) which means How did it happen?

Intan : Konon candi ini dibangun dalam satu malam ( 2x) which means They say, this temple was built in one night.

Kiki   : Bagaimana kisahnya? ( 2x) which means Tell me the story behind it.


Buton Palace Fort was a Buton Sultanate defense fort, which was built in the 16th century. The fort is located in Baubau City, Buton Island, Southeast Sulawesi. The fort was known as Wolio Fortress. The word “wolio” means “the people who live in Buton and Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi '' or a “language spoken by the people of Wolio ''.

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