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Saturday, 18 May 2024 00:02

Coordinating Minister Luhut: We Must Ensure the Security of the World Water Forum in Bali

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The Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries held the 10th WWF National Committee Coordination Meeting in Bali, Laguna Resort and Spa to discuss the progress of preparations for the 10th World Water Forum (WWF), (Photo : Kemenkomarves) - 



VOInews, Bali : Coordinating Minister Luhut opened this coordination meeting by warmly welcoming the 10th WWF National Committee. Then Coordinating Minister Luhut immediately said that, "Interest in this WWF event is increasing. Today 13,448 people from 148 countries have registered. The VVIP delegation consists of eight heads of state and deputy heads of government, three special envoys and 38 ministers.

"Apart from that, there are members of parliament from various countries, regional representatives, associations, private companies and youth," he explained. This agenda will be attended by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, and VVIP. According to Coordinating Minister Luhut, the presence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia and VVIP requires us to prepare the World Water Forum These 10 are the maximum possible.

According to the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, media publications, especially international ones, need to be well guarded. Ministerial Declaration with the outcome of three Indonesian proposals, namely Integrated water resources management on small islands, Center of excellence on water and climate resilience and the declaration of World Lake Day, which will be submitted to the UN to become the UN Water Agenda.

Coordinating Minister Luhut added, "Apart from that, we also have to produce concrete deliverables from WWF, which will implement 120 strategic projects related to water worth 9.4 billion USD, including a follow-up to Indonesia's initiative at the G20 in 2022, namely the G20 Bali Global Blended Finance Alliance ( GBFA) which will support funding for climate action including overcoming the water crisis. We will launch the GBFA Secretariat and sign LoIs with several countries as Founding Members on May 20. The State Secretariat and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hope to facilitate high-level invitees who have not yet received access. he added.

Coordinating Minister Luhut noted that security is also a very important factor. starting from the comfort of the invitees who attended, to all the quite large number of participants in this WWF event. Then Coordinating Minister Luhut invited the PUPR Minister as daily chairman of the 10th WWF National Committee to explain the progress of preparations for the 10th WWF.

"In this WWF National Committee Coordination Meeting, Mr. Basuki Hadimuljo as Daily Chair said that there would be a Ministerial Meeting attended by 103 Ministers from 132 countries," he explained. "All of this is still moving, because there are still 99 countries that have not yet been confirmed, said the Minister of PUPR , daily chairman of the 10th WWF implementation.

"We invite 4 schools every day to enjoy this forum," said the 10th Chief Executive of WWF.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Friday (17/05/24) in Jakarta, WWF's Chief Executive also said that, as of May 17 2024, of the 13,000 who registered formally, there were around 2,900 National participants, and for ministries and committees there were 1,600 people. There were 1,357 speakers from within and outside the country and there were 4,890 media exhibitors and sponsors.

There will be 2 exhibitions at BNDCC, namely the Country Pavilion and the Organization Pavilion. There are 21 countries that are certain to take part in this exhibition.

In the 10th WWF there will also be a Fair and Expo. There were 188 media outlets and 690 journalists. 41 international media, 64 national media.

TNI Commander Agus Subiyanto explained the progress of preparations related to security.

The TNI Commander explained, "We have carried out embarkation using 4 KRIs, 2 Hercules units, and 1 N95 unit, as well as disembarkation at Benoa Bali port," he said.

"We have also inspected the venue and Helipad, then the total security personnel reached 8,800 people," added the TNI Commander.

"On May 17 2024, TFG will be held," said TNI Commander Agus.

The National Police Chief explained, "our personnel involvement plan is 5,791 people. The deployment of capabilities and personnel dislocations have now all been set in place, both in ring 1 to join Paspampres, then rings 2 and 3.

"Then we have prepared the route area, including traffic flow engineering," explained the National Police Chief in his presentation.

In this coordination meeting, Wisnu Tama as EO of de Pacto explained the progress of preparations for holding WWF.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy also said on the occasion, "We want to ensure that this WWF event before the President finishes his term of office becomes a memorable event.

Finally, Coordinating Minister Luhut said, "I can conclude that our preparations are quite good, there are still 2 days to prepare. I really ask the police, BIN and TNI, to ensure that security is properly maintained so that it is safe, because otherwise this could all end," he concluded.

"Then regarding rubbish, the Governor has ensured that the rubbish cannot be seen during the World Water Forum," concluded Coordinating Minister Luhut//VOI

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