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Tuesday, 21 May 2024 23:19

UNDP strengthens Global Water Security

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UNDP Global Water Senior Technical Advisor, Dr. Mary M. Matthews during thw interview made avalaible by Voice of Indonesia on Tuesday (21/05/24) (Photo : NK-VOI) -



VOInews, Bali : UNDP seeks an integrated approach in overcoming the challenge of access to quality water. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), together with representatives of its office in Indonesia, played an important role in promoting sustainable water solutions at the 10th World Water Forum in Bali.

Carrying the forum theme, "Water for Shared Prosperity," UNDP is committed to ensuring fair and sustainable access to clean water for all.

Met after the press conference, UNDP Global Water Senior Technical Advisor, Dr. Mary M. Matthews said that UNDP has a role to overcome various challenges so that all levels of society can enjoy clean drinking water.

"We're working on UNDP to help to address these challenges in the most fast and effective way. So that not only people in urban areas but people in rural areas who don't have access to clean save drinking water will also have that and that's something that UNDP was dedicated to do it", Mary said.

Marry added that if everyone looked at the value of water like money then we would see a different world.

"Very much like having the world water forum here in Bali, which has been absolutely wonderful, it's a delight to be here. And I think it's wonderful that it's hosted here in Indonesia. It's a wonderful opportunity to truly showcase the success and challenges that face the entire region. When it comes to water, water quality, water access, water security, global water in an association as a challenge that collectively. We have to look at this, if we start thinking about water and valuing water the way we value money we will see a very different world and it's time to start thinking about that right now.", She said.

UNDP's commitment to water security also extends to 170 other countries. By embracing digitalization, innovation and various financing mechanisms, UNDP seeks to drive progress towards equitable access to clean water and sustainable water management for all.

The 10th World Water Forum provides a unique platform for UNDP to share its expertise, encourage collaboration and advocate for water as a fundamental pillar of shared prosperity. As a global integrator for water governance, UNDP is dedicated to build a water-secure future for all//VOI-NK

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