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Thursday, 06 June 2024 23:15

Robot Chef Innovation Made by Vocational Students

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VOInews, Kudus: Technological innovation continues to grow rapidly and penetrate into various fields, including culinary. One of the breakthroughs comes from students of SMK Wisudha Karya, Kudus, Central Java, who successfully created a ‘cooking robot’ that can cook tofu and eggs efficiently and practically.


Quoted from the Ministry of Education and Culture's vocational website, the creation of the egg tofu cooking robot is the school's effort to prepare students to face the development of industrial technology. The cooking robot is one of the innovative products developed by the school and is closely related to the community activity of cooking. "In designing the cooking robot, the students of Electronics Expertise Competence took two months, starting from October to December 2023. The making of this robot involves various stages, from design planning, programming, to testing,’ wrote Kemdikbud.


In addition, the students also conducted research to egg tofu sellers to find out the details of the correct cooking steps. In this case, the students were guided by teachers who are competent in the field of technology until they finally managed to complete the project well.


The Head of Electronics Expertise Competence at SMK Wisudha Karya, Denny Rulyanto, said that the cooking robot is operated using an HMI machine. The robot is driven according to a pre-programmed system so that when turning on the robot, the students only need to press the operation to cook manually or automatically. "When designing we did trial and error. This robot can cook up to eight portions of egg tofu with neat and hygienic results. The taste is no less delicious than egg tofu made by humans,’ said Denny.

The robot starts with the movement of taking ingredients to cook the egg tofu. The two arms of the robot work together, one arm holds Teflon and the other arm flips the cooked egg tofu.

Meanwhile, Head of SMK Wisudha Karya, Fakhrudin, said that the robot will be used in the school canteen. The students can operate the machine independently when they want to enjoy dishes from the robot. Not only that, in the future SMK Wisudha Karya also plans to market the robot to the culinary industry. "The model is like an honesty canteen, where the robot will work on command. This robot can also be an alternative technology for restaurants or hotels that want to give a new and different look to food presentation,’ said Fakhrudin.

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