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This is RRI World Service -Voice of Indonesia with Diplomatic Corner, a program which presents information about activities and progress of Indonesian diplomacy in the international world. 

The first information is from Hong Kong. Indonesian consulate general in Hong Kong assists victims of illegal money loaning practice.

To follow up problem of hundreds of Indonesian citizens/Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong who become victims of illegal money loaning, Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong until now has kept carrying out assistance and facilitation to publish immigration document for them. Until the news was published (21/10), more than 500 Indonesian Migrant Workers, victims of moneylenders have reported their problems to the Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong. They asked the assistance of the publishing of new passports because their passports were seized by Hong Kong police as evidence. This was stated by Indonesian Consul General in Hong Kong, Tri Tharyat in the meeting with representatives of the Indonesian Migrant Workers who become victims of illegal money loaning with passport’s pawnshop at the office of Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong on Sunday (21/10). Consul General, Tri Tharyat said that the Indonesian Consulate General is committed to providing assistance needed by the Indonesian Migrant Workers that become moneylenders’ victims in accordance with valid regulations. Until now, Consul General, Tri Tharyat added that the Indonesian Consulate General has verified the Indonesian Migrant Workers’ report and has issued more than 350 new immigration documents or new passports for them. Furthermore, Consul General, Tri Tharyat stated that the handling of the problem is also conducted through cooperation with Consulate General of the Philippines, because many migrant workers from the Philippines also become moneylenders’ victims. The Indonesian Consulate General and  Hong Kong Police also communicate intensively to follow the progress of the on-going law process.  

The next information is from Osaka, Japan.

Indonesian Consulate General in Osaka, Japan received the visit of 31 students of 9th grade of Cikeas Natural School, who are running Project Based Learning (PBL) program to Japan. During the program, they are scheduled to visit some facilities, including garbage burning center, recycle plastic bottle factory, local school and public transportation management. The Indonesian Consulate General hoped that the students apply the lessons which are obtained in Japan and also share the lessons to their friends and families after going back to Indonesia.

We end Diplomatic Corner with the information from Fiji. Honor for the World of Civil Aviation is granted to Anthonius Gunawan Agung.

At the opening of the 55th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation for Asia and Pacific region which was held at Sheraton Fiji Resort, on October 22, 2018, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) gave plaque as honor to Anthonius Gunawan Agung. He was an air traffic controller who had secured hundreds of passengers that were boarding in Batik Air 6321 when taking off from airport at the same time earthquake occurred in Palu on September 28, 2018. Antonius Gunawan Agung prioritized to secure hundred people at Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie airport by guiding Batik Air 6321 which would fly from Palu to Makassar and chose to stay at ATC tower until his work finished. The Batik Air which was guided by Antonius Gunawan flew safely. But, because of the earthquake, ATC tower collapsed. The honorable plaque was handed over by General Secretary of ICAO, Liu Fang to Indonesian representative from planning and controlling of Aviation Navigation Service Division. Anthonius Gunawan Agung has shown his total commitment for flight safety.

That was Diplomatic Corner.

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