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Mosaic of Indonesia

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The Bangka Belitung Island Provincial Government will launch a “Berkah Mart” or "Blessing Mart" in 60 villages to optimize the economic development of the people in the area. This Blessing Mart will be launched on November 20 this year. Governor of Bangka Belitung Island, Erzaldi Rosman Djohan said in Pangkalpinang on last Thursday (25/10) that the existence of the Berkah Mart outlet is very important in realizing an independent, good-quality, and competitive village in enhancing agriculture, plantation, livestock, fisheries, and other regional products. He also remarked that the use of technology will guarantee the openness of the market economy. Marketing of processed products and agricultural products as well as farmer plantations is certainly broader which in turn it increases the business of the village community. He added the construction of the Blessing Mart is also an effort to strengthen the role and quality of the Village Commercial Banks -BUMDes in improving the business of the village community.

Investors from Sydney, Australia are interested in investing in corn crops in North Barito Regency, South Kalimantan. This was stated by Regent of North Barito, Nadalsyah in Muara Teweh on last Friday (26/10). He said that with the plan, the market opportunity will become wider so that the entry of investors in this area to develop farming is highly expected. In the future, he hopes that the corn farmers can be more prosperous. The presence of investors in North Barito Regency can be ascertained in real terms by providing employment opportunities and providing increased regional income in this area. The arrival of the group with the Berkah Central Kalimantan Development Acceleration Team (PPKB) and the corn investors who invest in North Barito Regency are positive. One representative of the investor, Jason was accompanied by Chairman of Admiral PPKB (Ret.) Prof. Dr. Marsetio, who is eager to invest in developing the potential of corn crops in the Rimba Sari Village around 53 kilometers in Central Teweh District, while also addressing the problem of marketing these agricultural products, both within and outside the region. Corn crop is one of the leading commodities of North Barito Regency and is one of the biggest corn supply districts for animal feed factories in Bati-Bati District, Tanah Laut Regency, South Kalimantan.

Bantul Regency Government, Yogyakarta Special Region will draft a regent regulation regarding the prohibition of hunting or shooting owls that the government has released in the Sedayu region. Head of Bantul Agriculture, Food, Marine and Fisheries Office, Pulung Haryadi said in Bantul on  last Saturday (27/10) that the regulation has been prepared to keep the bird population and pest control in Sedayu still effective. Since a few years ago, according to him, his institution released Tyto Alba owls in Sedayu District, as a control of rat pests that continued to attack and damage agricultural land in the area. He said, the government along with local farmer groups built rubuha-rubuha (owl house) as a place for owls to live in strategic points around the rice fields so that the population of the species increases. He further said, the control of rat pests with owls is quite effective, because one owl could eat five to 10 rats. He added that in the future, the regional government along with related stakeholders will continue to release owls, especially in Sedayu.

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