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Thursday, 01 November 2018 00:00

InMed Application

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This is RRI World Service, Voice of Indonesia with Miscellany. In today's edition, we will present you information about InMed Application.

The latest innovation in medical world is created by one of Indonesian young generations from Malang, East Java. He is dr. Gamal Albinsaid who invents an android-based medical application called ‘InMed’ or Indonesian Medika. The application is invented in a bid to facilitate people to get healthcare services as well as change the conventional medical procedure. The InMed application offers five features, such as Med Visit (Service on medical visit), Med Fund (Service on funding), Med Blood (Service on Blood transfusion), Med Talk (Service on medical consultation), and Med Food (Service on nutrition for health).

Among the 5 features provided in the application, two of them have been ready to use namely the "MedVisit" and the "MedTalk" features. The MedTalk feature helps patients contact their doctors and psychologists whom they would like to consult their health problems with. Patients can consult with medical experts in real time. Meanwhile, the MedVisit feature enables patients to contact medical experts, such as doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and psychologists to come to the patients' locations so that the patients do not need to come to the hospitals as it will be inefficient. However, the MedVisit feature cannot be used in emergency state. In emergency state, the patients must be taken to the emergency department.

The InMed Application can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store. However, the application can still only be used in Malang. The application is intended not only for middle to high class society but also for patients from lower economic class. Through the application, a funding resource called ‘Crowdfunding’ is provided to help disadvantaged patients. The funding resource helps them pay for the healthcare services. Meanwhile, Head of the Malang Health Office, Asih Tri Rahmi Nuswantari told that the application could be a solution for people who need immediate healthcare services.

That was today's Miscellany about the InMed Application. See you on our next edition with more interesting topics.

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