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Sunday, 28 January 2018 18:53

Polytechnic Students Create Coconut Fiber Peeler

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Indonesia Indonesia has the largest coconut plantation in the world, with a total area of 3.86 million hectares (ha) or 31.2 percent of the total world’s area of about 12 million hectares. Approximately 98% of coconut plantations in Indonesia is community plantation, and the rest are state plantations and private plantations.

Spreading of coconut plantation is almost evenly distributed throughout Indonesia, with the highest share in Sumatra reaching 34.5 percent. Especially in the area of West Sumatra, coconut plantation area continues to be expanded as part of efforts to preserve the typical commodities of the area

Coconut is the most widely used by the community. Coconuts are used in various foods or the water can be consumed directly. Once picked, coconut fiber is disposed. Coconut fibers need to be disposed to get the coconut meat as the main part of fruit that the market is interested in. The risk of disposing coconut fibers can occur at any time. Not to mention, how to peel it manually that is less efficient in the middle of industry that requires large-scale coconut production, because it takes a long time

Regarding to this, a student of State Polytechnic Payakumbuh, West Sumatra, Ruri Jalil Jabar and his friends innovate to make a peeler of coconut fiber withl roller cylinder model. This tool can help to improve performance and reduce the risk experienced by coconut fiber peeler.

Not only made roller silinder, but Ruri and his friend previously also looking for the most effficient technique to peel coconut fiber automatically by a machine. Finally, they succeded to make coconut fiber peeler that works using motor rotation forwarded to speed reductor. The roller then separates coconut meat from its fiber perfectly. According to Ruri, the peeler still need to be enhanced in order to be used by small industries.

Ruri sair that pleny innovations made by Polytechnics students could be benefial for people. According to him, the most important thing that polytechnics students must be sensitive toward any problems occured in society thus they can give technical solution to solve the problem.

By this innovation, Ruri and his team hoped that they not only gave solution, but also to make achievement as the first champion of designing agriculture machine and tool at the 9th Agriculutural Technic Week in Aceh.

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