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Jambi Paradise

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Jambi is a province in Sumatra island. The region is located precisely on the east coast of Sumatra island. Like other provinces, Jambi also offers a variety of interesting places to visit. It is famous for its Malay City, but actually the province also has many natural and artificial tourist attractions. For natural tourism, Jambi has Mount Kerinci and Muaro Temple. While for artificial tourism, the region has Jambi Paradise, a modern tourism object.

Jambi Paradise is located at the intersection of Acai, Gelam river, and Jambi City. Its tourist objects offer a variety of natural beauty and exciting tourist activities, such as playing boats, flying fox, and enjoying the labyrinth zone. To visit Jambi Paradise, from Sultan Thaha Airport, it is 7.5 km with approximately 10 minutes via Soekarno-Hatta street. Entering this tourism site, you are required to pay Rp.20.000 fees on weekdays, and Rp. 30,000 on holiday. The opening hours from 8 am to 6 pm.

When entering the Jambi Paradise, you will be greeted with alley from vines with birds and chickens on the right and left side of the area. This 30-meter long aisle is one of the instagramable places in Jambi Paradise. You can make photographs by yourself or selfie in the aisle. Not far from the object, it looks bamboo strands on the right and left side that give coolness when sitting under it. While on the top, you can find a suspension bridge. Jambi Paradise has a major tourist object such as quite large water tourism, with the main design of a small lake that surrounding the mainland in the middle. If you are tired of traveling around the area, you can rent saung around the edge of the lake to enjoy some snacks or just enjoy young coconut ice.

Besides traveling and taking pictures in the instagramble spots, you can also try various interesting places in Jambi Paradise. You can try Flying Fox which is the longest flying fox in Jambi with ticket price Rp.30.000 per person.

Just below the Flying Fox, there is also a suspension bridge. You can test your adrenaline by climbing this suspension bridge with the ticket of Rp20.000. For those who want to exercise, you can also rent a bike in Jambi Paradise to get around the area. You can also rent an ATV motorcycle which is located not far from the entrance of Jambi Paradise. Other interesting facilities in the Jambi Paradise are boats, water bikes and also water balloons.

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