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Tuesday, 13 February 2018 00:00

Sounding Sports Through Radio

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Today, February 13 becomes a special day for radio broadcasters and radio listeners. Since 2012, this date has been celebrated as World Radio Day. "Radio and Sport" become the the theme of 7th anniversary of World Radio Day in 2018. Sport has become the focus of the world and Asia this year. There are a winter Olympics held in South Korea, FIFA World Cup 2018 is to place in Russia and ASIAN GAMES 2018 in Indonesia.

For Radio Republik Indonesia -RRI, this theme is very appropriate. The commitment to spread sport activities proves that RRI is appointed as the radio license holder of broadcasting of the World Cup 2018. Quoting the statement of the Director of Public Broadcasting RRI, M. Rohanuddin, with the FIFA license, it is expected that RRI provides its best contribution in a bid to satisfy the needs of listeners who come from various circles and places throughout Indonesia, and thisn  can be carried out well. Listeners can also share the broadcast or World Cup report.

In addition, Indonesia this year will also host the 18th ASIAN Games. RRI has to be responsible to distribute the information about the matches, achievements, and new records created at every 4-year sport event. The competition in the game must be an interesting attraction that can be spread to the listeners.

Surely, radio can present not only matches, competition and achievements as broadcasting material, but also there are many other aspects expected to be the inspiration of audiences. The moment of three major sporting events this year, such as the Winter Olympics, the 2018 World Cup, and the Asian Games must be used by radio broadcasters, especially RRI to create exciting broadcasts. The broadcast is expected to be able to make the listeners recognize and understand the diversity of the sport as a legacy of tradition. Radio, for example, should be able to create events that promote gender equality in sports. More importantly, radio must present broadcast that reinforces the spirit of peace and development in the world of sports. These three issues are the focus of UNESCO's World Radio Day commemorative sub-theme that is expected to be realized by radio broadcast.

Amid the rise of social media as a new communication medium, it is believed that radio can still play a major role to provide information that inspires its audience. At least in Indonesia, the spirit of sport will be spread to at least 62.3 million listeners; the number of listeners is based on AC Nielsen data for the 3rd semester in 2017.

With its power to entertain, educate, inform and inspire, radio can certainly sound the sport through its broadcast. As UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres put it: “On World Radio Day, let us celebrate both radio and sports as ways of helping people achieve their full potential.”

Happy World Radio 2018! Thank you for listening our broadcast.(rhm)

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