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Wednesday, 14 February 2018 00:00

The Impact of Mahmoud Abbas Visit to Russia

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The Impact of Mahmoud Abbas Visit to Russia pixabay

The visit of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to Russia at this time, will probably open up opportunities for further steps to resolve Palestinian- Israel issue. Therefore, whatever the outcome will be, Mahmoud Abbas's visit and his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, is a new chapter in the Palestinian struggle to defend the country's existence and gain world’s recognition through the United Nations. Certainly, in his talks with Vladimir Putin, the Palestinian President will expect an increase in Russia's role in the Palestinian-Israeli issue. It is possible that the Palestinian President,  will ask Vladimir Putin to be a mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiating process, replacing the role of the United States. It is known that the statement of the US President Donald Trump to move its Embassy in Jerusalem, Palestine, countries supporting the Palestinian has cause rejection on Washington as mediator of the negotiations. On the other hand, Mahmoud Abbas will also utilize his meeting with Putin to call for wider Russian support at the UN, to make Palestine become a member of this organization. Until now, in the United Nations, the position of Palestine is merely an observer. Nevertheless, this position is getting stronger, as evidenced by the winning of majority of General Assembly members rejecting the decision of the United States to move its embassy in Jerusalem. The rejection of almost all UN members was made at the recent UN General Assembly session. The question is, will Vladimir Putin accept Mahmoud Abbas's proposal to make Russia become the mediator of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations? From geopolitical considerations, it is very likely that Russia will meet that demand. Similarly, with the position of Russia in providing support to the Palestinians in the United Nations forum. Russia may be hoping to step up its role in the Middle East, especially in the political map of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This role could encourage the improvement of Russia's position in the Middle East region. But it should be kept in mind, that Russia on the other hand is also one of Israel's important allies. And in politics, anywhere, the idiom of there is no free lunch still prevails. Therefore, by continuously raise support from Russia, the Palestine cannot undermine the support of other nations that have obviously supported it since the beginning of the Palestinian struggle.

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