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Thursday, 15 February 2018 13:56

Refusing Foreign Intervention

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Refusing Foreign Intervention mass peace action

Amidst the efforts to finalize the Draft of Criminal Code -KUHP, Commission III of the People of Representatives -DPR received the representatives of friendly countries from European Union countries in Indonesia. They reminded that the revision of the articles in the Criminal Code about adultery and obscene acts of the same sex should not be extended because it will go into someone’s privacy. A member of Commission III of the DPR, Nasir Djamil views that the representatives of friendly countries actually realize that Indonesia has its own values ​​that must be respected. But they are still trying to make the Commission III consider the input.

It’s interesting to be observed that the expansion of the criminal article for adultery cases and obscene acts among the same sexes attracts a serious attention of some foreign individuals. Not only non-governmental organizations try to intervene, but also their official representatives come directly and openly. On behalf of human rights, they attempt to intervene the preparation of regulations in Indonesia. Can this serve as a serious test for Indonesia’s stakeholders, how can they refuse foreign intervention and how serious are they to maintain the noble values ​​of the nation?

Putting the issue of decency on its right position that becomes a debate poses controversy. Moreover, the values ​​that exist amidst of the community in today’s millennium era and globalization are in contact with outside values. So, it’s possible that a new perspective occurs on the values that have been believed. In addition, there is involvement of foreign parties who actually want their glorifying values to be accepted in Indonesia.

Indeed, it is not easy to face strong influence of the globalization which is contrary to the noble values of Indonesian nation. The DPR must be strict, but wise to maintain the values. For Indonesia, the values of decency are clearly related to the matters of the society and nation; they are related to neither personal nor family matters. In this regard, the respect towards human rights does not necessarily mean that we should set aside the obligations that every individual must obey. Thus, the use of rights must also be regulated to respect and ensure the fulfillment of the rights of other individuals. That there is different perspective between Indonesia and its some friendly countries is about the diversity of nations in the world, which must be respected. The Indonesian nation is already on track and a positive direction to welcome a better future. It is hoped that good deeds can be transmitted to other nations in the world.

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