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Minister of Trade, Agus Suparmanto conveyed that his Ministry and the Ministry of Defense are exploring the mechanism of implementing counter trade with several trading partner countries. He also explained that several commodities that are ready to be traded consist of palm oil, rubber, machinery, coffee and its derivatives, cocoa and its derivatives, textile products, tea, footwear, processed fish, furniture, fruits, copra, plastics and their derivatives, resins, paper, as well as spices. The benefits of the counter trade are to overcome exporting obstacles abroad and expand market areas and market new products, provide additional exports, save foreign exchange, and cope with difficulties in imports due to foreign exchange limitations. In addition, this counter trade also accelerates the transfer of technology and knowledge, supports efforts to create a trade balance and payments, and increases production and expands employment opportunities.

The Ministry of Trade through Indonesian Trade Promotion Center of Los Angeles and the Indonesian Center for Export Education and Training held a virtual business matching. The event that took place on Tuesday (7/14) was aimed at boosting national exports amid Covid-19 pandemic. The business matching succeeded in bringing together 12 Small Medium Entrepreneurs of the export-oriented food and beverage sector with US buyers such as Jans Enterprise Corp., Takari International, Belift Coffee, and Beaneka Coffee.

Indonesia’s Diaspora in Britain wants Indonesian culinary to be present in Britain more widely. The recognition of Indonesian culinary opportunities was revealed in a virtual meeting of British Indonesian lovers with the theme "Indonesian Cuisine" organized by the Indonesian Embassy in London in collaboration with The Anglo-Indonesian Society (AIS), in London last Tuesday (14/7). Therefore, the Indonesian Embassy in London and AIS invited Chef William Wongso, Chef Petty Elliott and Sri Owen to share their experiences to the British people in the virtual meeting. The Indonesian Embassy in London also invited local residents from various backgrounds, such as young professionals, culinary lovers, culturalists, and Indonesianists.

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