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The Monument of Soekarno has been inaugurated in Algiers as an eternal symbol of Friendship between Algeria and Indonesia.

The monument of Soekarno was inaugurated in Algiers, Algeria on Saturday (18/7).  The monument proves that friendship between Indonesia and Algeria has existed for a long time.  It symbolizes the gratitude of the Algerian people for President Soekarno who has inspired the independence of Algeria internationally to declare independence at the Asia Africa Conference in Bandung, West Java.  For Indonesia, the monument is a sincere appreciation from Indonesia to Algeria as a friendly country that continuously voices and supports the principles of world peace and prosperity based on equal rights and independence.

Indonesian Ambassador to Algeria, Safira Machrusah in her remarks stated that the monument of Soekarno will be a reminder for Algerians and Indonesians, particularly the young generation to keep the principles of patriotism, unity, the struggle for independence, peace and world prosperity.

The monument of Soekarno shapes like a crescent moon with five-star pillar in each corner. It symbolizes the moon and crescent shape of the Algerian national flag. In each of its small pillars, there is Bandung Dasasila text or ten principles which were adopted at the Asian-African Conference in 1955, as a joint declaration of Asian and African countries to voice independence, equality and world peace. The monument is expected to become a monumental history that can build a strong belief foundation to develop political, economic and cultural dialogues and other interests bilaterally and multilaterally, especially between Indonesia and Algeria.

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