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DEASEP, Natural Disinfectant made from wood vinegar

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According to the research of the World Health Organization -WHO, disinfectants with alcohol content contain dangerous heavy metal compounds. Besides skin irritation and skin cancer, disinfectants can also cause lung cancer if inhaled for a long time. Though the use of disinfectants during this pandemic is so huge. Viewing this condition, the Center for Research and Development of Forest Products, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry in cooperation with Producer's Cooperative of Anugerah Bumi Hijau (Koprabuh) has created a natural disinfectant that is proven to be very safe for human health. The result of this National Innovation product is that the product is branded ‘DEASEP’. Made from wood vinegar, this organic raw product is without using alcohol and any chemicals. Therefore, this disinfectant product is not harmful to humans or pets. Even the product can be used as animal feed and plant fertilizer.

Koprabuh CEO, Yohanis Walean explained that wood vinegar or wood acid is a liquid produced by pyrolysis or thermal decomposition of the charcoal production process, with low oxygen levels. After decades of successful use of wood vinegar as a bio-pesticide and bio-fertilizer, the P3HH researchers conducted further research in which the wood vinegar is used to combat Covid-19. Similarly, the results of their products proved to be effective after testing, which is conducted in an environmental laboratory

Meanwhile, Prof. Gustan Pari along with Ratih Damayanti and the Team have conducted research in which the results of the research shows that wood vinegar has a better ability to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, compared with 70 percent ethanol (alcohol), which has often been used as a basis for disinfectants by Fostered Farmers of P3HH. Disinfectants usually contain of alcohol components such as ethyl and isopropyl alcohol. These chemicals are flammable and can cause skin infections. Alcohol exposure can also cause irritation to the respiratory tract and negatively impact the central nervous system. While the use of the DEASEP as an Out-door and In-door disinfectant is effective in combating COVID 19. DEASEP is not harmful to humans even if being ingested is not dangerous but more effective than 70-percent alcohol.

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