Thursday, 10 September 2020 16:13

Ministry of Environment and Forestry mentions that some regions have not yet implemented plastic reduction regulations

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Although policies on single-use plastic restrictions have been issued in several regions, some local governments have not fully implemented the regulation. This was said by the Head of Sub-Directorate of Goods and Packaging of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) Ujang Solihin Sidik, during a virtual discussion on a plastic-free area forum held by the Indonesian Plastic Bag Diet Movement, as reported by Antara on Tuesday (Sept8). The single-use plastic restriction policy has been issued in 2 provinces and 35 districts/cities. Related to this matter, Ujang Solihin Sidik encourages non-governmental organizations (NGOs) engaged in the environmental sector to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of implementing the policy and verify data related to plastic waste. The results will show whether the regions have successfully implemented the single-use plastic reduction policy or just simply made regulations without real implementation. This is important because the data is a measure of the successful performance of reducing plastic waste. This waste reduction data will contribute directly to the target of reducing waste in the framework of Regional Policies and Strategies for Household Waste Management and the like in each city. Ujang Solihin Sidik emphasized the importance of this data since it will affect the target of 30 percent reduction of national waste by 2025. According to him, the verified data will also be the basis for the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to recommend regions that are eligible to receive regional incentive funds.

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