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IPB University creates anti-odor Egea spray from palm oil

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Researchers from IPB University created an anti-odor spray made from palm oil and it is called ‘Egea for the needs of everyday life. IPB University researcher, Dhani Satria Wibawa in a written statement explained that Egea is innovation in the form of a natural anti-odor spray developed by researchers at the Surfactant and Bio-energy Research Center (SBRC), namely the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University. Egea is a musty deodorizing product developed from the nonionic surfactant diethanolamide (DEA) palm oil and the active substance zinc ricinoleate from castor oil (Ricinus communis).

He said this product was also made to train the technopreneurs’ skills of junior researchers at SBRC in producing innovations whose products can be commercialized and have wide market opportunities for further development. He added that Egea products are formulated from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. He explained that the results of this product development will have a positive impact and provide benefits to the community such as creating new jobs, increasing the national labor, increasing economic growth, improving the quality of life of the community, and increasing the number of new entrepreneurs.

There are eight application variants of this product, namely hijab, helmets, shoes, jackets, carpets and sofas, linens, cat litter, car seats and carpets. In application, this product dries quickly and does not leave stains. Dhani also stated that the development of this product was initiated because of a request from several groups of people who wanted SBRC to develop a product to remove bad odor from cat litter. Egea products contain the active ingredient zinc ricinoleate as an odor absorber. Because, using fragrances can only disguise the musty smell, but unable to absorb the source of the musty smell.

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