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Cimincul Springs in Subang, West Java

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Apart from being famous for its sweet honey pineapple, Subang Regency in West Java province also has a popular tourism object, Cimincul spring which has recently become a topic of discussion, especially among Instagram owners. Cimincul spring is located in Pasanggrahan Village, Kasomalang Subang District, West Java. In this tourism area, there are two water pools, with a depth of about 50-120 cm. According to the story, Cimincul comes from the word "Cai" which means water and Mincul which means to arise. Cimincul, which means water emerges, describes a spring where the water gushes out to form a pond. This pool water is pellucid like glass, even the rocks and plants at the bottom of the pool can be seen clearly from outside the pool. Therefore, Cimincul spring is a favorite spot for underwater photo hunters. The combination of sparkling water and the plants at the bottom of the pool will make a combination that is beautiful and appropropriate for instagrammable photos. Besides we can swim and take pictures in pellucid and refreshing water, Cimincul spring also offers beautiful panoramic views of green rice fields. 

To go to Cimincul spring, it only takes about 2 hour-drive. To enter this tourism attraction, visitors only need to pay Rp10,000 per person. This Cimincul tourism attraction is open from 7 am to 6 pm, while the best time to visit this place is around 9 am or 3 pm, because at that time, the resulting photos will be excellent. Although this new tourism attraction does not have complete facilities, you don't need to worry, because around this tourismm attraction, there are many traders selling food and drinks. Don't forget to taste the typical Subang Nasi Liwet package provided by almost all food and beverage vendors. Therefore, if you are in Bandung, take your time to enjoy the beauty of Cimincul springs in Subang.

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