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The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore attempts to ensure that the rights of Indonesian Migrant Workers are fulfilled.

The Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Singapore stated that it will try to ensure that the rights of Indonesian migrant workers from Pati, Central Java, who experienced violence while working in Singapore, are fulfilled. In its written statement received by Antara News Agency on Wednesday (4/11), the embassy reported that the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore has sent a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore to follow up the reports of violence committed by Singaporean citizen against Indonesian workers from Pati.

On Tuesday (3/11), the Indonesian Embassy received an official report from the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Agency (BP2MI) Semarang related to the violence experienced by Sugiyem, a worker from Pati, while working in Singapore. Sugiyem is recorded that she has worked in Singapore through a direct recruitment process in Batam since 2015 and at that time, she has moved from her jobs at least twice. The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore also gave Sugiyem the Indonesian Worker Card in Singapore in 2017 so that she could contact the representative office if she has problems related to work problems. However, after moving from her job at the last workplace, Sugiyem admitted being unable to communicate because her employer held her cell phone. Then, Sugiyem in her sick condition was sent back to Indonesia on October 23, 2020 by her employer.  Sugiyem also gave testimony that she has often received physical violence on her head, face, ears, back, hands and eyes from her employer since 2019.  The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore had checked Sugiyem's employer address and made sure that Sugiyem worked in the country through legal procedures. The Indonesian Embassy reported the case to relevant agencies in Singapore, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Manpower and the police. Moreover, the Indonesian Embassy holds close coordination with relevant agencies in Indonesia to collect testimony regarding with the violence suffered by Sugiyem.

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