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Adonara Island is located in east of Flores Island, which shares border with the Flores Sea in the North, Solor Strait in the South, and Lowotobi Strait in the West. Administratively, this island is included in East Flores Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. On this island, there are some very beautiful natural attractions. One of them is Watotena Beach.

Watotena Beach is located in the Southeast region of Adonara Island. This beach has very stunning natural scenery. The stretch of white sand coupled with a collection of magma rocks and clear sea water makes the scenery on this beach very exotic. This beach is rarely visited by many tourists. So, this place is a suitable place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In addition, if you want to enjoy the underwater charm of this beach, you can do diving or snorkeling activities.

Watotena Beach can be accessed via Larantuka, the capital of East Flores. From Larantuka, it takes 1 hour by boat to cross to Adonara Island. After arriving at Waiwerang, you can take public transportation for 30 minutes to arrive at Watotena Beach.

If you want to visit this beach, you have to prepare enough supplies because there are no restaurants or hotels on this beach.

For hygiene issues in this place, of course a top priority, tourists are prohibited from littering, and not smoking or bringing drinks to the beach. If you want to smoke or enjoy drinks and food, this beach has provided a place or hut. This is, of course, to maintain the cleanliness of the beach.


Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno visited the Denai Lama Tourism Village in Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra Wednesday (9/6) for the "Socialization of the 2021 Indonesian Tourism Village Award".  The series of socialization events for the 2021 Indonesian Tourism Village Award has started from May 22 until June 25, 2021. The Denai Lama tourism village is chosen to prosper the local community in the new tourism era. Moreover, this village is also well known for its traditional and cultural literacy. Therefore, this edition of Indonesian Wonder for today will introduce you to Denai Lama Tourism Village.

To travel to the tourism village of Denai Lama, you will see views of the green expanse of rice fields. There are various tourism attractions that can be enjoyed. You can take selfies in various instagrammable photo spots. Besides, you can also visit the Paloh Naga Tourism Market, a center for the production of snacks and typical souvenirs of the Denai Lama Village. The market has a characteristic in every buying and selling transaction namely by using barter. This market is open every Saturday and Sunday. The traders are women in Denai Lama. They sell satay, grilled rice, traditional snacks and various types of coffee. The payment method is also unique, namely by using ‘Uang Kepeng’ which is made of wood and each chip is worth Rp. 2,000.

The Denai Lama Tourism Village is famous for its traditional cultural literacy such as Javanese, Malay, and Batak cultures. Furthermore, it also produces various handicrafts, such as woven typical cloth of Denai Lama Village, Jumputan Batik cloth, and Crafts from coconut shells. The Denai Lama Tourism Village is also developing in the utilization of village potential like the construction of a circle studio that has a reading cafe which also functions as a reading park and one of the benefits is for developing the character of its Community Resources. This reading café is managed by teenagers of the  Denai Lama village.


Bidadari Island is located in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. This island is a group of islands, located on Komodo Island. Usually, this island becomes a tour package in the Komodo Islands. The mainland of the island is surrounded by hills, trees, and beautiful white sand. Because of the beautiful white sand and calm beaches, Bidadari Island is often also called White Sand Island.

The beauty of the beach on Bidadari Island is often used as a snorkeling spot by local and foreign tourists. The beauty of the marine park owned by this island makes many tourists who come interested in diving or snorkeling. The diversity of coral reefs and fish in the sea around this island is the main attraction for tourists who come to visit this island

To reach Bidadari Island, if you are from Bali, this island can be reached by plane to Komodo airport which takes 1.5 hours. Then, your journey continues across to the island by a motorized boat for approximately 10 minutes. If you want to spend the night, on this island there are already available resorts that you can enjoy.


on June 1, President Joko Widodo became a ceremony inspector to commemorate the birthday of Pancasila. The ceremony was held at the courtyard of the Pancasila Building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Central Jakarta. He acted as the inspector virtually through the Bogor Presidential Palace. Interestingly, when leading the ceremony to commemorate the Birthday of Pancasila, President Joko Widodo appeared to wear the traditional apparel from Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan.

For today’s edition of Indonesian Wonder, I am going to introduce traditional apparel of Tanah Bumbu

At the ceremony to commemorate the Birthday of Pancasila, President Joko Widodo wore black clothes, and matched it with a distinctive green-patterned hat. This is the traditional apparel from Tanah Bumbu. The traditional apparel of Tanah Bumbu Bugis Pagatan is characterized by the use of Pagatan woven fabrics. This apparel is used as a sarong and also a laung or head covering. The meaning of the sarong used in this traditional dress is as a symbol of skilled and hardworking humans. Laung symbolizes authority and might.

While, the inside of the shirt is called Teluk Balana which is a symbol of the religious clothes of the archipelago. The trousers and belt worn also have meaning. The pants are a symbol of loyalty, and a cloth belt represents a symbol of simplicity. As a complement, there is a flower or gold flower on the left chest as a symbol of a wise leader.



Leang-Leang Prehistoric Park or also known as Leang-Leang Archaeological Park is one of the mainstay tourismm attractions in Maros Regency, South Sulawesi It offers historical cultural tours of ancient human civilization.Paintings of human palms and hog deer, which are plastered on cave walls and various artifacts, are evidence of the presence of prehistoric humans in this area.In this park, there are hundreds of prehistoric caves scattered in the hills of Maros - Pangkep. The paintings on the wall in Cave Pettae and Petta Kere katahun were first discovered in 1950 by two archaeologists from the Netherlands, Van Heekeren and Miss Heeren Palm.This cave is the beginning of research on prehistoric caves and the beginning of the discovery of paintings invented in Maros Regency.


To reach Pettae Cave, tourists must climb stairs that are not too high. PettaKere Cave is located about 300 meters from Pettae Cave. In Pettae Cave there are paintings in the form of five pictures of palms, one picture of a hog deer jumping with an arrow in the chest.Meanwhile, at the entrance of the cave which is 8 meters high and 12 meters wide, there are blade flakes and shells. Meanwhile, in PettaKere Cave, 2 images of hog deer were found, 27 images of palms, blade flakes and arrowheads were found.


To go to this park from Makassar downtownvisitors have to take motor vehicles for around one hour and half. When they arrive at this park, they have to pay a ticket for IDR 10,000. In this prehistoric park, there is also a parking lot for visitors who use private vehicles, as well as a gazebo for visitors who want to take a rest after being tired of looking around the caves in this park.


Niagara Falls located in Ontario, Canada is the most famous waterfall in the world because of its beauty. But, Indonesia also has a waterfall destination that is as beautiful as Niagara waterfall. Even because of its resemblance, this place is nicknamed the "Niagara Mini" or "Little Niagara Waterfall". This destination is located in Kalianyar Village, Sempol District, Bondowoso, East Java. This Niagara Mini is one of three waterfalls that you can visit when heading to Ijen Crater tour through the Bondowoso City route. As the name suggests, the size of this waterfall is indeed small and its height is only about 6 meters. However, that is precisely the advantage, because you can see up close and it is safe if you want to play in the water. To enter here, you are only charged a parking fee of around Rp 2,000.

This waterfall is given the nickname Niagara because of its wide and terraced waterfall arrangement. Under the waterfall flows a clear and cool river, because it is located in a mountainous area. In addition, this waterfall is surrounded by green hills with blooming flowers. This place is a favorite spot for photographers or hunters for Instagram to take pictures because of its aesthetics, especially at sunrise or sunset; the orange tinge of the afternoon sky combines with green trees and swift waterfalls. How exotic is indeed! In addition, this waterfall is visually beautiful; the sound of water, and mountain insects shouting at each other also makes the heart calm. Because it is surrounded by forests and hills, automatically the air here is clean and cool.

There are many other things you can do there. If you are getting cold after playing in the waterfall, you can go straight to the hot springs available in the waterfall area. Because it is located next to an Arabica coffee processing factory managed by PTP Nusantara XII, the fragrant aroma of coffee is guaranteed to make you immediately brew the coffee. You can order a cup of warm coffee and enjoy it while chatting with loved ones. This refreshing cheap vacation also applies strict health protocols; you do not have to worry if you follow the rules well. Let’s go to the "Niagara Mini" or "Little Niagara Waterfall" in East Java province.


East Java province has many exotic beaches. One of them is Papuma Beach, which is located in Lojejer Village, Wuluhan District, about 45 km south of Jember City in East Java. Papuma Beach is also often referred to as Tanjung Papuma Beach because of its location that juts into the sea so it can be called a cape. Papuma Beach was officially opened in 1994, but in 1998, beach tourism in Jember was just starting to be visited by tourists.

The name Papuma itself is an abbreviation of ‘Pasir Putih Malikan’. Malikan is the name given by Perum Perhutani when opening this tourism spot. This beach provides a very beautiful view for tourists to enjoy from sunrise to sunset. If they want to enjoy the beauty of underwater, this beach also provides facilities for snorkeling. Papuma Beach also has a variety of terrestrial fauna, such as monitor lizards, partridge, deer, hedgehogs, pangolins and others.

The trip to the beach from Jember City takes about 1 hour by motor vehicle. Meanwhile, if visitors are from Surabaya City, it takes about 6 hours to get to this beach. The facilities on this beach are quite complete, from lodging to food stalls. In addition, several inns also provide Camping Ground facilities for visitors who want to sleep while enjoying the night atmosphere around this beach.


Bidadari Waterfall is one of the stunning natural attractions in Lahat, South Sumatra. This waterfall which has beautiful natural scenery is interesting to be included in your list of recreational destinations. This waterfall is quite unique because it has about 7 peaks, each of which has a different height, starting from 4 m, 10 m, even up to 35 m of height.  Because it has a different height at each level, it's no wonder that many people come to enjoy the freshness of this waterfall. According to the story of the local community, this waterfall is named the Bidadari waterfall because this waterfall was the bathing place for the angels.

Under the Bidadari waterfall, there is a pool that can be used for swimming. This pool is quite wide, which is about 10 meters. Even though there are lots of tourists who come, this pool still feels quite wide to be used for swimming freely. The scenery around this waterfall is amazing. With the many towering trees and green grass, everyone will feel fresher. Green scenery like this is perfect for those of you who are always at the computer while working, because it can make the eyes more relaxed, and can minimize any eye disease. That is why, if you come to this tour, you will not feel get lost. You can enjoy fresh air when you enter the forest area up to the waterfall. This fresh air is perfect for those of you who live in cities, because this fresh air will certainly nourish and make the body fresher.

The Bidadari waterfall is located in Karang Dalam Village, Lahat Regency, South Sumatra Province. The trip can be reached easily, because the access to this tourism location is paved and the road conditions are very smooth. When you have entered the Karang Village area, you are required to walk to get to the waterfall and park their vehicles in the village. The entry ticket to this tourist location is quite affordable, even though you visit with your family. The ticket price is only IDR 5,000 per person. What do you think, interesting isn't it? So, prepare your time for a vacation to the tourist location of the Bidadari Waterfall.


Sewangi Island, which is located in Tanah Bumbu regency, is the place for making ‘Jukung’. Jukung is a traditional boat from Banjar tribe, one of the original tribes of the inhabitants of South Kalimantan. From Batulicin, the capital of Tanah Bambu Regency, Pulau Sewangi is about 20 kilometers away.The area of the island is about 4,500 square meters with a length of about 15 kilometers. Visitors can go around the island by motorboat for about an hour, while witnessing the beauty of Sewangi Island which is still beautiful.


Boats from Sewangi Island have been famous for a long time in some regions of Kalimantan. Although the island is small, the boat has superior raw materials, namely ironwood, Cangel wood, and Mada Hirang wood.The residents of Sewangi Island mostly work as builders of high quality boats. To make Jukung, it takes a lot of time.One Jukung can take about two weeks. The length of time to make a Jukung, depends on the material, size, and what kind of model the customer wants. The selling price of Jukung also varies, starting from 3 million rupiah to 8 million rupiah.


Around the 6th and 7th centuries AD, the manufacture of jukung increasingly developed in the Sewangi island area. This island is also the main producer of Jukung in South Kalimantan. Now, based on available data, Sewangi Island is the largest area for Jukung craftsmen in Indonesia.The profession of making Jukung has been carried out by the residents of Sewangi from generation to generation. Raw materials for boat building are also available on the island. In addition, the position of Sewangi Island itself is also strategic to be used as a shipyard.All these supporting factors make Sewangi Island a supplier of Jukung for other parts of Indonesia. Not only seeing the Jukung was made, visitors can also take a tour on a Jukung that sails with the Jukung craftsman. The cost of sailing with Jukung is according to mutual agreement between you and the craftsman.


Gua Belanda which means Dutch cave was built by the Dutch Colonial Government in 1912. This cave was used as a canal for the water supply of the Cikapundung River which flows near the location of the tunnel for the Hydro Power Plant. During the independence era, the colonial government also used this cave as a military facility. They devised strategies, stored artillery and weapons, and turned it into a radio communications station. Its location was hidden and high, making this cave a strategic area for the Dutch army.

Now, the Gua Belanda is a tourism attraction that is visited by many people, especially on weekends. There are two sides of the entrance to the cave, which are connected to each other by 15 alleys in it. Visitors can also see several other rooms, such as the room which was previously used for resting or sleeping for Dutch soldiers. There is also a detention room or prison, an interrogation room for detainees. There are also other interesting sights that visitors can see in the cave, namely the former trolley rails for the transportation of goods or the like that extends in the alley of the cave and the room of the former Dutch East Indies military telecommunication radio station.

To access this place, visitors can use private vehicles or public transportation. For private vehicles, they can directly enter and park at the gate area. Meanwhile, if visitors use public transportation, there are 2 tracks of city transportation that pass through it. The first is from Ciroyom to Ciburial. These public vehicles are green and white in color and usually stop at Simpang Dago. While the second alternative is from Dago to Caringin, which is orange. This public transportation usually passes the Holy Way, Pahlawan, and Cikutra. If using this public transportation, visitors have to get off at the T-junction towards Tahura Djuanda. The direction is that there is a mini market near the T-junction. From there, visitors can walk for about 500 meters to the Tahura gate. Gua Belanda is about 1 km from the entrance. Entrance ticket for this tourism area is Rp 11,000 per person.