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Tetebatu Village in Masbagik District, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) is the representative of Indonesia in the Best Tourism Village UNWTO (United Nation World Tourism Organization) 2021 event. The participation of the Tetebatu tourism village has been confirmed after completing all the required competition documents and being registered through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. Chairperson of the Tourism Village Association, West Nusa Tenggara, Ahyak Aminuddin explained that Tetebatu is worthy of representing Indonesia in the event because it is the initial milestone in the establishment of a tourism village in East Lombok. Tetebatu village has been a tourism village since the Dutch era. The location is under Mount Rinjani with an altitude of about 700 meters above sea level. In the past,  the Europeans who first came to Mataram used it as a place to rest, because of its coolness and tranquility. To get to the village, tourists have to take about 1.5 hours by motor vehicles from the downtown of Mataram City or 2 hours from Lombok International Airport.

To visit the tourism village of Tetebatu, as far as the eye can see, you will see the residents' rice fields. Located at the foot of Mount Rinjani, Tetebatu offers a quiet and cool rural where visitors can walk around the village through the green rice fields while enjoying its beautiful nature. If anyone loves photography, please visit this place in the afternoon to take a picture of the atmosphere from dusk to sunset with the stunning background of Mount Rinjani. In addition to enjoying the views of rice fields and mountains, visitors can also do bird watching and visit the monkey forest. There are also interesting tourism attractions to visit, such as Ulem-Ulem Waterfall, Swallow Bird Waterfall, Kokok Duren Waterfall, Seme Deye Waterfall, and Jeruk Manis Waterfall. The journey to the waterfall will pass through the village area and terraced rice fields.

In Tetebatu, visitors can also walk around the village and see plantations owned by the local people, such as coffee, cacao, cloves, and vanilla. Tetebatu is also known as a village with horticultural plantations. One of its mainstay commodities is nutmeg, one of which is processed into candied fruit for souvenirs. Tetebatu is also one of the unofficial hiking routes to Mount Rinjani. If visitors want to climb to Mount Rinjani with a different view, they can use this route. However, climbing the route in Tetebatu is not allowed to reach the peak of the mountain.Because it has been designated as a tourism area for a long time, Tetebatu has already provided lodging and homestays at residents' homes.


Saluopa Waterfall is located in Tonusu village, Pamona Puselemba, Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi. It is about 54 kilometers southeast of Poso Regency. Saluopa Waterfall is also known as Saluopa Water Slide. Because the Saluopa waterfall has a spring from the mountains, which is very clear and slides down from the top of the mountain. The height of the Saluopa waterfall is approximately 25 meters. This waterfall passes through 12 levels of mountain rock that flows down to the lowest level which ends in a small river in the village of Leboni.

Saluopa waterfall is very clear and clean so that the rocks that are passed by the flow of the waterfall will be seen very clearly. The stairs are made of stone, but even though they have been exposed to rain and are mossy, they are not slippery so that visitors can still use them as access to other levels of the waterfall. Stairs made of stone can also be used to take pictures. Sometimes, visitors can witness a very beautiful rainbow between the waterfalls. At the Saluopa waterfall tourism attraction, they can find not only a variety of fauna, but also a very beautiful natural panorama of tropical forests with fresh air.

If visitors are from Tentena City and want to visit Saluopa waterfall, they can use public or personal transportation which takes half an hour to get to the waterfall location. Afterwards, they can continue the journey to the location by walking about 500 meters. Indeed, the journey is little exhausting, but arriving at the location and seeing the beautiful  Saluopa waterfall, visitors will feel relaxed and admired to witness the location. If someone plans to visit the Saluopa Waterfall tourism attraction and wants to stay overnight, it is recommended to stay in Tentena City, because there are no lodging facilities around the Saluopa Waterfall tourism attraction.


Watu Goyang

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If you travel to Yogyakarta, you have to visit the Watu Goyang tourism attraction. The attraction of this tourism spot has beautiful sunset panorama. It is named Watu Goyang, because in the past, there was once a rock at the top which was able to sway if it was touched or pushed. The rock has existed for about hundreds of years. The location of the tourism attraction is in Giriloyo Hamlet, Mangunan Village, Dlingo sub-district, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. The distance is approximately 21 kilometers from Yogyakarta City. It takes about one hour to reach the area by motor vehicles.

You can see the natural scenery which is still green and the natural scenery of Mount Merapi if you travel to Watu Goyang.  Being at the peak of the area, you will feel the cool air temperature, particularly in the morning. If you come to Watu Goyang in the morning, you can see the fog like the land above the clouds, but unfortunately visitors cannot see the beautiful sunrise perfectly. Then if you go to Watu Goyang in the afternoon, you will see a beautiful view above the western peak of the sky where the sun sets perfectly because Watu Goyang Peak is located directly  to the west. Moreover, from the top of the peak, you can clearly see the expanse of lowlands, starting from the downtown of Yogyakarta on the northwest side to the south to Bantul Regency from Watu Goyang.

Traveling to Watu Goyang, you can also visit the beautiful flower gardens in this natural tourism. At this place, the expanse of sunflower gardens and other flowers also looks fresh. You can take selfie photos with this flower garden as background. In Watu Goyang, there are a lot of very good selfie spots to take photos. These instagrammable photo spots include sentry view post shaped like a helicopter, flower photo spots, and others. After the sun sets, the beauty at Watu Goyang is still going on. The sparkling lights of Bantul Regency and Yogyakarta City look so beautiful. The scenery is appropriate for the lovers of night photography.


Golla Kambu

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If someone visits Polewali Bandar Regency in West Sulawesi, they are recommended to try to enjoy one of its special foods, namely Golla Kumbu. The typical snack is sweet and sticky. The main ingredients of the typical food are glutinous rice, young coconut, roasted peanuts and brown sugar. When it has been processed, Golla Kambu is wrapped in dry banana leaves. With its uniqueness, Golla Kambu can last a long time even though it does not use preservatives.

When eaten, Golla Kambu gives a sweet taste sensation and also a savory taste from peanuts and grated coconut. It tastes even more delicious, when accompanied by a glass of fresh tea or coffee. During the month of Ramadan, this snack is often served as a complement to the iftar menu because its sweet taste is believed to be able to restore energy after a day of enduring thirst and hunger. Thereby in the month of fasting, the demand for Golla Kambu usually increases many times compared to normal days.

Golla Kambu can be found and enjoyed every day at a number of traditional food centers in Polewali, the central government of the Polman. The famous Golla Kambu production center is in the Botto area, which is on the edge of the Polman road to Majene. At Botto, Golla Kambu is sold as a typical Mandar souvenir. It is usually offered to tourists in the form of plastic wraps containing 8 to 10 small packs. In this one plastic package, sellers usually offer it at a price between Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 20,000. To attract more buyers, the makers of Gallo Kambu have also started creating their products with durian flavour. This creation is called Baje durian with a higher price than the original Golla Kambu. Golla Kambu can also be purchased at the Small and Medium Business Gallery Center, owned by the Office of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives, Polman Regency Government, which is located on Jalan Andi Tepu, Polewali District. The location of the sales center for SME products is about 1 kilometer from the Polman Central Market or 5 kilometers from the Tipalayo Main Terminal.


Rengganis Crater as a tourism attraction was created as a result of the ancient Sunda volcanic eruption that occurred several million years ago. The name Rengganis has only recently been heard, because the local residents are more familiar with the crater by the name Cibuni. This name change occurred, due to a change in the management of the area in the Ciwidey area which is currently managed by Rancabuli Agritourism. Rengganis Crater has a very beautiful atmosphere, with views of towering trees, so this area becomes beautiful. Here, you will not smell the pungent smell of sulfur. The crater pool can be used for bathing and as a health therapy because the crater here is traversed by the river water which is quite clean, so it is safe to use for bathing.

If you soak in the pool of Rengganis Crater, you will feel extraordinarily relaxed because of the hot springs. The serenity and calmness of the heart will be felt to seep to the bones. The sulfur content is able to cure skin diseases. This water current is also used by Cimanggu hot springs. Another reason why you are recommended to visit this place is because of the spa facilities. Here, there are two small geysers or hot springs that can gush upwards. The result of this burst creates a large amount of steam, so you can use this place for a natural sauna bath. You will feel a different experience to enjoy the hot sauna directly from nature. Rengganis Crater also has a location in the form of mud. It is said that this mud has special efficacy, namely, being able to tighten and smooth the skin.

Rengganis Crater is located in Patengan Village, Rancabali District, Bandung Regency, West Java. You can visit this place from 8 am to 5 pm local time. Getting to this area is quite easy. You have to visit the Ciwidey area, more precisely in Situ Patenggang as far as 2 km. After buying a ticket worth Rp 5 thousand, you have to walk 1 km. The price is relatively cheap enough to enjoy the various kinds of beauty here. This ticket price does not include parking fees of Rp 5 thousand for motorbikes and Rp 10 thousand for cars. The facilities here are quite complete starting from food stalls, toilets and lodging. This tourist area also applies strict health protocols.


As the name implies, when viewed from far away, the sand at Siring Kemuning Beach is slightly yellowish in color, unlike white sand beaches in general. Besides the sand looks colorful, the waves that wash over the beach also look yellowish. The word Kemuning or Kuning in Indonesian means yellow in English and it is actually taken from the Javanese language. The yellowish color of the beach is the origin of the name Siring Kemuning Beach which had become a tourism destination in East Java around the 90s. Even, this beach gets the nickname Kuta In Madura because of its beautiful panorama which is similar to Kuta beach in Bali.

Siring Kemuning Beach is located in the village of Mecajah, Tanjung Bumi District, which is approximately 41 km to the north of Bangkalan City. If you are in Bangkalan, Madura, and want to enjoy the beauty of Siring Kemuning Beach, the road to Siring Kemuning Beach is not too difficult. You can use public transportation which goes through the beach area, at a cost of only Rp. 8000. If you use a private vehicle, you can go through two highway lanes, namely west to east and from the middle lane to north, with a travel time of approximately 1-2 hours.

To enter Siring Kemuning Beach, you don't have to pay, but you have to pay for parking IDR 7000 for motorbikes and IDR 10,000 for cars. Although there are no facilities provided at Siring Kemuning Beach, you can still enjoy the beauty of this beach. The atmosphere is cool and beautiful because of the many trees, as well as the yellowish white sand and the rocks as decoration, adding to the beautiful scenery at Siring Kemuning Beach. The waves on this beach are not too big, but because the waves on this beach are dragging, visitors who want to swim at this beach must be careful, especially for children and visitors who are not good at swimming.


Tomohon City is one of favorite destinations for tourists when visiting North Sulawesi. This cool-air city is famous for its flower festivals and extreme food markets. Moreover, Tomohon also has a variety of interesting tourism destinations. One of them is Tuur Maasering’ as a community-based tourism. This tourism spot located on the hill offers a unique concept and combines natural tourism and local wisdom. The location of ‘Tuur Maasering’ is exactly in Kumelembuai Village, East Tomohon sub-district, about 15 to 20 minutes from the downtown of Tomohon City by motor vehicles.

When you arrive at Tuur Maasering, you will pass a guard post at the main gate, then you must pay an entrance ticket of Rp 15,000 per person. This entrance ticket can be exchanged for a typical drink of Minahasa local wisdom, Saguer or sago water and the famous liquor, Cap Tikus.  Because it is in the middle of a palm tree forest, the air in this tourism spot is so cool. While arriving in the main yard, there are many huts and wooden chairs where you could take a rest and relax. If someone likes to take selfies, there are many interesting photo spots for them to take a picture.

Visitors can also have a closer look at the process of making Cap Tikus liquor which is the result of fermentation and distillation of sap water from palm trees. There is also a large firebox with a drum placed on top of the stove. Then, sago water is put into a drum and a stream of steam is passed through a clean pipe heading to a bottle. 6 gallons of sago water will result in about 1 gallon of the Cap Tikus beverage. Visitors can exchange their entry ticket for a refreshing saguer beverage. The saguer drink, a low-level of Minahasa typical alcoholic drink, is served by using a bowl made of coconut shell. The taste is sweet mixed with a little bitter and sour. It is milky white in color like sago because it comes from sago water and it is a little bit foamy. While enjoying the saguer drink, visitors can also order snacks, such as skipjack noodles, fried bananas and other foods.


Porridge, a food with a slightly sticky and thick characteristic is made of various ingredients, such as rice, green beans, or glutinous rice flour. The taste, of course, varies; some are savory or sweet, depending on the ingredients. However, in Singkawang City, West Kalimantan, you will find a type of porridge that is not like porridge in general, namely GuntingPorridge. This porridge consists of chunks of Cakwe, served in a small bowl and doused with thick gravy filled with green beans. Cakwe itself is made from glutinous rice flour, salt, whiting water and Suji leaf water. All these ingredients are mixed well, until it becomes dough which is then shaped into a long round.

Gunting porridge is a hereditary food from residents of Chinese descent in Singkawang. Its name is also often called ‘Liuk Theu San, which means green bean porridge tastes like diamond. It was named Bubur Gunting, because one of the main ingredients, Cakwe was long, so traders usually cut it with scissors. Gunting porridge sauce comes from soaked soybeans or green beans whose skin has been peeled, mixed with starch, Pandan leaf water, and sugar. After processing, the gravy becomes thick and clear. When served, the Cakwe is usually cut into small pieces with scissors.  

Warm Gunting porridge is very delicious to eat. The taste is so sweet. During Ramadan, this porridge will be very easy to find, because the people of Banjar almost enjoy it every day as a meal for breaking the fast. To taste it, it is not difficult to find Gunting Porridge in Singkawang, because there are many Gunting Porridge sellers who sell it with carts all over Singkawang City. However, because it is usually enjoyed for breakfast, porridge traders only sell it in the morning. The price is very cheap, around Rp 5,000 to Rp 10,000 per serving.


When traveling to Situbondo district, you will find a tourism village of Kampung Blekok. Kampung Blekok is one of the conservation-based nature tourism areas. The location is in Pesisir hamlet, Klatakan village, Kendit district, Situbondo regency, East Java.This tourism area, since 2017, through the Situbondo Regent's Regulation on Biodiversity Conservation, has been designated as a mangrove area inhabited by ardidae water birds or called blekok birds by the local community. Another advantage of this tourist village is the landscape with beautiful mountain and sea views to see at sunset.

The tourist village of Kampung Blekok has an area of 6.3 hectares. It is estimated that the number of mangrove stands in Blekok Village is 12,600 trees. There are 10 types of mangrove trees, namely Soneratia Alba, Rhizophora Mucronata, Rhizophora Stylosa, Rhizophora Apiculata, Avicennia Alba, Avicennia Marina, Acanthus Ilicifoius, excoecaria Agallocha, and Hibiscus Tiliaceus.Meanwhile, there are 11 species of water birds found in Blekok Village, namely Red Herons, Great Egrets, Small Egrets, Buffalo Egrets, Ash Night Herons, Blekok Rice Fields, Sea Kokokan, Rice Kareo, Pengala Elephants, Beach Trinil and Javanese Perk. Out of the 11 bird species, 3 species are included in the protected category, namely the Little Egret (Egretta garzetta), Buffalo Egret (Bubulcus ibis), and Gajahan Pengala (Numenius phaeopus).

Traveling to Blekok Village, you can see various types of birds. To see these various types of birds, come to Kampung Blekok at 05.00 am local time, when the birds go looking for food.You can also watch the birds at 17.00 in the afternoon when they return to their cage in the mangrove forest. Through wooden bridges and viewing towers, you can watch white birds fly and perch in the mangrove forest along the coast.In addition to seeing hundreds of water birds through wooden bridges, you can also participate in planting mangroves or exploring mangrove forests by using boats belonging to local residents. You can also walk in the small alleys and see the activities of the surrounding community who mostly work as fishermen and craftsmen for souvenirs made of wood and shells.The handicrafts are sent almost all over Indonesia, especially Bali and Lombok. You can also buy various handicrafts from the local community as your souvenirs.


The North Maluku Region has a lof of beautiful views. One of them is the island of Dodola, which is located in the west of the island of Morotai, North Maluku. This tourism spot is an incredibly beautiful area. Dodola Island is an uninhabited island. However, anyone who visits it will be amazed to see.

Dodola Island consists of Big and Small Dodola Islands. Both islands are only connected when the sea is low tide and there is a sand bridge. So, it looks like a hidden bridge. The beauty of the two islands is not much different. The beach sand is very white and fine. Dodola Island also has 13 diving spots with charming underwater views. That's why, this area is also called a paradise for divers. In addition to diving, you can also do snorkeling here, in the sea which is very clear like glass. Other activities that you can also do here are swimming and fishing. Beautiful coral reefs, various types of fish also add to the beauty of this place.

For visitors who travel to Dodola Island, there is no entry fee. Tourists who come to this island mostly choose to spend the night in tents that they bring themselves because the manager of Dodola Island has not provided tent rental services. For tourists who do not stay in tents, the local government has prepared cottages with affordable lodging costs. The food in Morotai is dominated by seafood dishes. Therefore, for seafood lovers, this place is heaven for them.

If you want to enjoy a very beautiful view in a place that is not too crowded with visitors, Dodola Island can be your choice. To access the island of Dodola, you will take a long journey. After arriving in Ternate, you are required to take another plane to Morotai Island or you can also use a boat with a travel time of 10-12 hours. From Morotai, you can continue your journey to Dodola Island by taking a speedboat or a boat owned by local fishermen.