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Here are the Headlines of several national newspapers published today, June 21 2018. Today’s headlines are focused on the sunken Sinar Bangun motorboat in Lake Toba.

We begin with Kompas newspaper which wrote, “Evaluate Ferry Transportation.”

President Joko Widodo asked all stakeholders to immediately find and save the victims of the sunken Sinar Bangun motorboat in Toba Lake. The President did not want such incident to happen again. Therefore, Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi was urged to evaluate the whole safety standard of ferry transport. This was affirmed by President Joko Widodo at the Bogor Presidential Palace on Wednesday afternoon (20/6). Personally and on behalf of all Indonesian people, the President expressed his deep condolences for the casualties in the incident. The President asked the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas), National Armed Forces -TNI, National Police -Polri, and National Disaster Mitigation Agency -BNPB to find and save the victims. The government also will give compensation for the casualties’ family and the wounded victims.

We end the Headlines with Tempo entitled, “Government Evaluates Ferry Transport.”

President Joko Widodo instructed the Transportation Ministry and Transportation Agency to evaluate the ferry transport safety standard. The President said that both Transportation Ministry and Transportation Agency must routinely check the condition of ferry transport to guarantee safety. President Joko Widodo said, the sunken Sinar Bangun motorboat must be a lesson for all to comply to the regulation. That was stated by President Joko Widodo at Bogor Presidential Palace yesterday. The Sinar Bangun motorboat sank on the trip from Simanido port in Samosir Island to Tiga Ras port in Simalungun on Monday at 5.30 pm local time. The boat with 43 people capacity sank after being hit by 12-knot wind and high waves. The 35-gross tonnage ship was suspected to be overcapacity. Meanwhile, Head of National Search and Rescue Agency, Muhammad Syaugi said, the search team had evaluated 22 victims, consisting 18 survivors and 4 casualties. Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said, the Sinar Bangun had been operating illegally.



RRI World Service -Voice of Indonesia with Diplomatic Corner, a program which presents information about activities and progress of Indonesian diplomacy in the international world.

The first information is from Malaysia.

Next year is very important year for Indonesian people. The year is that all Indonesian citizens, either in home or abroad, especially who have political rights, get chance to directly elect president, vice president and legislative members simultaneously. To ensure smooth election, especially overseas, Indonesian Deputy Ambassador in Kuala Lumpur – Andreano Erwin said on Friday (15/06/18) that the Indonesian embassy always coordinates with the overseas election committee in Kuala Lumpur to ensure smooth process of the election. The Deputy Ambassador also gave a message to the Indonesian citizens in Malaysia to succeed the implementation of the general election. The Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur always calls for the Indonesian citizens in Malaysia to maintain unity together, and Indonesian image. Because the location of the election which is outside of Indonesia, since early June the Indonesian embassy has coordinated with Police of Malaysia to know the rules which are valid in  Malaysia related to the implementation of the general election. From the meeting, it resulted in the decision that all Indonesian citizens in Malaysia are asked not to conduct practical political activities in anything form related to 2019 general election, including hate speech and hoax related to politic, either on mass media or social media and not to use political attributes such as t-shirt, flags, and banner.

The next information is from Finland.

Foreign Affairs Ministers of Indonesia, Retno Marsudi and Finland, Timo Soini  have become co-hosts of High Level Advisory Board on Mediation Meeting (HLAB-M), the UN Secretary General in Helsinki, Finland on last Monday (18/6). The UN Secretary General and members of the meeting  attended in the event. In the opening, Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister, Retno Marsudi disclosed 3 inputs for the UN Secretary General and the meeting related to mediation efforts to prevent conflict and to create peace. Firstly, it is important to increase communication with leaders of community/religion to protect "value of tolerance". Secondly, it’s important to change "culture of reaction" becoming "culture of prevention". In this regard, Minister Retno conveyed support to the initiative of the UN Secretary General to become "conflict prevention" as one of the UN priorities. Thirdly, it’s important to spread "habit of dialogue" to respect the international law, to cooperate with regional organizations in a bid to prevent conflict. It is in line with Indonesian priority as the UN non-permanent member for the period January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020. The meeting was formed by the UN Secretary General on September 13, 2017, with 18 key members of former presidents, former foreign affairs ministers and other important figures. One of the meeting members is former Indonesian foreign affairs Minister, Marty Natalegawa. The goal of the establishment of the meeting is to give support for the UN Secretary General in increasing mediation in the UN agenda. The UN Secretary General especially conveyed award on Indonesian active role in Rakhine State issue.

We end Diplomatic Corner with the information from Finland.

Indonesia and Finland reached very significant development in bilateral relations in2017. This was stated by Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister, Retno Marsudi at bilateral meeting with her counterpart Finnish Foreign Affairs Minister, Timo Soini in Helsinki, Finland on Monday(18/06). As reported on the website of Indonesian foreign affairs ministry, in 2017, the bilateral trade increased 66 percent. Meanwhile, tourist number of Finland to Indonesia increased more than 21 percent. Finnair has also conducted flight from Helsinki to Bali. Besides, there is a new cooperation which has been agreed, namely in the field of dialogue of among religions. Firstly,  meeting and dialogue among religions will be conducted in September. Secondly, both of them also agreed to increase cooperation in 3 fields, namely forest, renewable energy,  and science. One of the important issues which has been agreed, is cooperation of visa exemption for holders of diplomatic and official passports.



Today In History from RRI World Service in Jakarta.

I’ll start with 19 June 194, the battle in the Philippine Sea between the United States Navy and the Japanese Navy begins. The battle of the Philippine Sea took place on 19 to 20 June 1944 near the Mariana Islands. This battle is a major defeat of the Japanese Navy, which lost 3 aircraft carriers and about 600 aircraft during the two days. This happens because the Japanese aircraft was old and poorly trained, compared to the more modern and refine American Navy. After this battle, the Japanese Navy was almost completely destroyed. This Allied victory opens the door for an attack on Iwo Jima.

Turning to 19 June 1961 Kuwait declares its independence from the United Kingdom.

In the 1800s Kuwait became part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. To break away from Ottoman rule, the great Sheikh Mubarak ruling in Kuwait then signed a treaty with the British state in 1899 that defined the state of Kuwait as "an independent State under British protection". Under the agreement Britain had control over Kuwait's foreign policy, and in return Kuwait got annual protection and subsidies from the UK. On June 19, 1961, Kuwait became independent with the end of British protectorate and Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah to Amir. But the National Day of Kuwait, celebrated on February 25, is the commemoration of the coronation of Sheikh Abdullah.

I’ll End Today In History with 19 June 2008 John Ario Katili passed away.

Former Deputy Speaker of the People's Consultative Assembly Professor John Ario Katili passed away on June 19, 2008 in Jakarta. John Ario Katili had served as a member of the House of Representatives from 1992 to 1997. Previously served as Director General of Geology and Mineral Resources Department of Mining and Energy 1984 to 1989. In addition to his career in the legislature and government, John Katili also served as Vice Rector of the Institute of Technology Bandung and the Dean of the Department of Mineral Technology Bandung Institute of Technology. Professor of Bandung Institute of Technology has written about 11 books and 250 papers. His expertise in geology is highly respected in the international world. John Katili has been the Chair of the South East Asia of Geological Societies and a member of The National Geographyc Society. For his various devotions, John Katili was awarded the Star of Mahaputra, the Honors Medal of the Commandeur de L'Ordre National du Merite of the French government. A number of awards were also obtained from the governments of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, Sweden and Russia.



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Hasil gambar untuk foto asmidar darwis


RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia wherever you are. Welcome back to Music Corner, a musical segment presents Indonesian music either traditional or modern one. The song entitled “Pilu” by Asmidar Darwis is composed by Husein Aidid withmusical arrangement created by Buslidel. As its title suggests, this song tells about the sadness due to the     lover is unfaithful. The song is slow beat with melancholic music in accordance with the lyrics. “Pilu” includedin a Special Album of Sad Malay Songs. Asmidar Darwis known as the gambus and malay singer .The songs owned by the singer who comes from westSumatra was popular in the 1970s.


The song“Naik Sampan” composed by Husein Aidid.The lyrics of the song has the rhythm like pantun. The song tells about the happiness in rowing a canoe.The song has cheerful music with quick tempo. To end today’s Music Corner, here is another Malay song entitled “Nada Harapan”. Like the previous songs, “Nada Harapan” also composed by Husein Aidid. This song tells about someone who is not desperate to achieve the goals in life.As the lyrics, the music is cheerful and vigorously.