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Hasil gambar untuk foto pondok kerakat lombok


Welcome to “Indonesian Wonder”, a daily segment featuring tourism, culinary arts and culture from various regions across Indonesia.

Besides Bali, Lombok is one of the popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. The beauty of beaches attract local and foreign tourists traveling to Lombok. In addition to Kuta Beach, Tanjung An, Ampenan Beach, Senggigi Beach, and Malimbo, which are already popular among domestic and foreign tourists, there still many other interesting and beautiful beaches in Lombok. One of them is Tanjung Kerakat beach. It is located in Sukamulia, Pohgading Timur Village, Pringgabaya Subdistrict, East Lombok Regency. The beach is very wide with a stretch of black sand. The beach area are mostly filled with Jerangjang grass and Rembiga Trees.

Pondok Kerakat Beach is also known as Tanjung Gali Beach. The beach is better known by the name of Pondok Kerakat, due to many pondok Kerakat (cottage) lined up around the beach. At Pondok Kerakat the fishermen who come from the village of East Pohgading and its surroundings are gather before starting “ngerat” (catch fish with a large net). The attraction of the beach lies on the large waves. Many tourists travelling to the beach spend their time to surf. In addition to surfing, swimming is also a favorite activity on the beach. In addition, tourists also can do camping or playing football on a stretch of black sand.

Pondok Kerakat Beach is also equipped with a variety of interesting photo spots. A leading photo spot on the beach is Pre Weeding photo spot. The photo spot is made of wood and the back ground is made from fabrics so that the spot poto is really resembling wedding stage. The photo spot is the most visited. In addition to Pre Wedding Photo Spot, Pondok Kerakat also has Fish Reconnaissance Photo Spot. This photo spot is a “lelanjon” or Short Tower from which the visitors can see the expanse of the beach widely. Another photo spot in Pondok Kerakat, namely Mushroom Table spot photo. The spot is made of coconut base material and consists of a table with 4 slabs of coconut base supported by a pole from teak branches. The table is completed by four chairs also made from the coconut base plates. In the Mushroom Table, you can sit back while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere on the beach.

Another interesting activity on the Beach is Betalet. Betalet is a natural spa activity, where tourists can bury half of the body or the legs up to the waist in the sand. Betalet Therapy is recognized can cure rheumatic and uric acid, since as long as the body immersed in the sand, the muscles of the legs and waist get a reflection to smooth blood circulation. Generally, the therapy just hold the body in the sand for 10 to 30 minutes, because the longer the body is buried, the massage felt stronger. The natural Spa or Betalet is better done at night.

That was the regular segment of Indonesian Wonder for today with the topic “Pondok Kerakat Beach In Lombok”.



Published in Feature


Headlines of several national newspapers published today, June 12 2018

We begin with Kompas entitled, “Homecoming Spike Anticipated.”

Different from the previous years, the peak of homecoming flow that usually happened on D-3 or D-2 of Eid Holiday, now happened earlier. Besides, the number of homecomers during the peak is not so different from other days. Transportation Ministry predicted, the homecoming peak had happened last Saturday and Sunday or D-5 and D-6 of Eid. The change happened because of the relatively long national holiday, on time holiday allowances, and better supporting infrastructures such as toll road. Nevertheless, the Transportation Ministry still anticipates any spike of the homecoming during the D-2 and D-3 of Eid, which are Tuesday evening and Wednesday (13/6).

Transportation Minister, Budi Karya Sumadi at Merak Seaport, Banten, on Monday said, the homecoming peaks on land and sea are different. On land, mainly the toll and non-toll road had happened on D-6 and D-5. The flow on D-8 until D-4 was relatively smooth without total traffic jam at the toll roads and artery roads. The short traffic density only happened on several toll gates, exits, and rest areas.

Moving on to Media Indonesia, “90 Percent of Homecoming Route is Good.”

More than 90 percent of the national road which reached 48 thousand kilometers is in good condition for the homecoming. Public Works and People Housing Minister, Basuki Hadimuljono in Jakarta, Monday said that especially in the Java Northern Coast (Pantura), from 789 kilometers, 525 kilometers had fully operated, complete with supporting facilities. According to Minister Basuki, the Pantura toll road is only one of four routes that can be used by the homecomers in Java. Three other roads include Pantura, middle route, and the southern coasts. The Java Southern Coasts had been ready to Pacitan. From Pacitan to Banyuwangi had been begun recently. Minister Basuki reminded, the homecoming happens also outside Java, although the highest flow is on that island.

We end the Headlines with Republika which wrote, “Anticipation of Homecoming Peak Differences.”

The government predicted, there will be differences in the land and sea homecoming peak, especially in Merak-Bakauheni route. If the land peak happened on Saturday (9/6) and Tuesday (12/6), while on the sea it is predicted to be on Tuesday (12/6) until Thursday (14/6) or D-1 of Eid. Nevertheless, Human Development and Culture Coordinating Minister, Puan Maharani when monitoring Merak Seaport in Banten on Monday ensured that the government was ready to provide optimal service to face the differences. She hoped the homecoming can be safe, smooth, and comfortable.




Mosaic of Archipelago, a segment presents information about the rise of tourist visits to Kelimutu National Park; Heritage Objects of Kudus proposed to be re-filed, and the last information of Mosaic of Archipelago is that Regional Secretary Bengkalis opened Plug Lamp Festival 2018.

The number of tourist visit the Kelimutu National Park began to increase. Head of Kelimutu National Park Office, Agus Sitepu said that the number of visitors on Monday (11/6) increased from 250 visitors to 489 visitors per day. They consisted of 383 domestic tourists, 60 foreign tourists and 46 students. On Tuesday (12/6), the increase is not too significant in number. This was conveyed related to the development of the number of tourist visit to the three-color lake in Ende Regency which becomes a tourist destination for foreign tourists. The number will certainly increase in the next few days because the peak of tourist arrivals will occur on June 14 to June 18 and it is estimated to reach 3,000 visitors per day. To anticipate the surge of the visitors, his side is currently creating a joint post and during the peak, duty 55 officers on June 14-18, 2018 will be on duty. The personnel consist of the state apparatus of Balai Kelimutu, TNI members, Police and the surrounding community. They are to maintain security, order, cleanliness and safety of visitors.

Next information is that Heritage Objects of Kudus are proposed to be Re-Filed.

National Culture Guard and Rescue Board of Kudus Regency, Central Java proposed to the local government to re-file cultural heritage objects in the area. Head of the National Culture Guard and Rescue Board of Kudus Regency, Supani said in Kudus, Monday (11/6) that through the re-filing, at least, the certainty of historic buildings listed as the cultural object is still intact. The reason is that there is a building that is not intact, and some are already broken down to be replaced with different new buildings. Take for example, the traditional house of Kudus which previously reached 38 units, is now starting to decrease a lot because some of them have been sold by their heirs and purchased by buyers from outside the region, such as from Bali and Bandung. In fact, there is one of traditional houses of Kudus which is currently moved to Malaysia. The re-filing is also meant to know not only the Heritage Objects that have not existed or moved to other areas, but also the Heritage Objects of Kudus moved outside the region and registered in the local area so there is a history of their origins.

The last information of Mosaic of Archipelago is that Regional Secretary Bengkalis opened ‘Plug Lamp Festival 2018’ or Lampu Colok Festival.

The Plug Lamp Festival 2018 held by the Government of Bengkalis Regency through Tourism, Culture, Youth, and Sport Office was officially opened by the Regional Secretary Bengkalis, Bustami H.Y. on Tuesday (11/6) night. The inauguration of the plug lamp festival was marked by the first installation by the Regional Secretary of Bengkalis Bustami. This year, the opening of the festival was held at football field in Meskom Village, Bengkalis Sub-district. Bengkalis residents spilled into the street and the location of the inauguration to witness the beauty of plug lamps. They could not only witness the opening of the festival, but also took pictures and upload them in their personal social media accounts. Plug Lamps are simple lighting devices made from used tins that are given the axis of the stove and kerosene for fuel. In ancient times, plug lamps were used as street lights from house to house and to Musholla at night. Now, the young men of Bengkalis make various miniature images of the plug lamps. From the information obtained, 15 points became the place of the establishment of the plug lamps, while the total building plug lamps in Bengkalis Regency that followed the festival reached approximately 70 units.



RRI World Service -Voice of Indonesia with Diplomatic Corner, a program which presents information about activities and progress of Indonesian diplomacy in the international world.

The first information is from New York, the United States.

Indonesia is elected as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the period 2019-2020. In the election which was conducted by the UN General Assembly in New York, on Friday (8/6), Indonesia obtained 144 votes of the total 190 members of the United Nations who attended. Indonesia represented Asia and Pacific region replacing Kazakhstan whose membership will end in December 2018. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi said after announcing the election, this is international community’s trust to Indonesia and the result of hard work all of national components, especially Indonesian diplomats. Supports for Indonesia to become member of the UN Security Council cannot also be separated from the maturation of democracy in Indonesia, and the UN member states view that Indonesia is an example of a tolerant country. Islam and democracy run side by side. From various meetings in the UN, it is clear that International people do appreciate track record of Indonesia and view the democracy and tolerance in Indonesia as asset for Indonesia to be able to play an active role in the UN Security Council.

The second information is from Geneva, Switzerland.

Indonesia firmly supported the ratification of the amendment of Maritime Labor Convention (MLC), which regulates the guarantee of financial rights for seafarers who are victims of pirate hostage or robbery at sea. This was stated by Minister of Manpower, Hanif Dhakiri when shortly after the voting process of ratification of the MLC amendment which took place on the sidelines of the 106th International Labor Conference session in Geneva on last Tuesday (5/6). Through the MLC amendment, the employment agreement between seafarers and ship-owners do not stop or cannot be stopped when the seafarers are hostage-taking by pirates. Thus, wages and other seafarers' financial rights which have been set in the work agreement will be paid.  The Minister added that in the MLC amendment, the governments of the countries which have ratified the MLC are provided administrative burden of relief to be able to flexibly implement the amendments according to their respective national regulations. He also pointed out that the MLC amendment contains of repatriation guarantees for seafarers who are victims of pirate hostage or robbery at sea.However,the rights of repatriation will be lost if the seafarers do not propose claim in certain time which is regulated further in the national regulation or Collective Labor Agreement.

We end Diplomatic Corner with the information from Geneva, Switzerland.

Indonesia emphasized International Labor Organization (ILO) to seriously collect support development partners to handle unemployment problem in Palestine.  This was asserted by Indonesia before Director General of ILO, Guy Ryder, and also participants of Manpower Summit of Non Blok movement in Geneva on last Tuesday (5/6). Minister of Manpower, Hanif Dhakiri on the sidelines of the 107th International Labor Conference, said in Geneva that the unemployment rate in Palestine is currently highest in the world. It happens because Israel continues to limit the activities of workers and employers in Israel territory in Palestine to conduct economic activity. Minister Hanif Dhakiri emphasized that the Indonesian government will keep supporting the independence of Palestine to gain economic growth and decent work in the country.