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Wednesday, 04 April 2018 00:00

Inspiration from Winnie Mandela

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Inspiration from Winnie Mandela

South Africa is in mourning. Monday April 2, 2018, Winnie Mandela, the country’s  human rights advocate,  passed away. Though her admirers already knew that she  had long been ill, her departure at the age of 81, still made South African people sad. Mandela family spokesman, Victor Diamini, Monday afternoon local time reported that Winnie Mandela had died at the age of 81 years. At the last moment of her life the mother of two were surrounded  by her family, who sent  her to God in peace. Without being told to, South African people  including  political figures and officials flooded the residence of the late Winni, in the town of Soweto, once a base of her struggle with her husband, Nelson Mandela.

For South Africa, in particular, Winnie Mandela ne Madikiezela who was born  in 1936, is a symbol of the struggle against tyranny. In addition, the wife of the late Nelson Mandela, is a woman who was very loyal and committed to her husband’s fight  against injustice in South Africa. When her husband was in jail for about 3 decades, Winnie kept  the family survived while continuing  the struggle. Together with her husband,  she fought  against the apartheid regime at the time. When Nelson Mandela was in prison, Winnie continued the spirit of resistance against the pro-apartheid  South African regime. Not only her husband  Nelson  who was imprisoned by the ruling government. Winnie was also put behind  bars and had to struggle hard   against intimidation.

The outstanding woman was destined to live the life of her youth as a fighter. Since adolescent Winnie had been  trained as a social worker and cared about the environment and the suffering of others.

In a televised statement, South African President Cyrril Ramaphosa praised the late Winnie Mandela and called her  the voice of the oppressed. In times of oppression and exploitation, Nelson Mandela's wife  was a champion in the struggle for justice and equality.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Bishop Desmond Tutu declared Winnie Mandela a true symbol of the struggle against apartheid.

Winnie Mandela's journey of life, struggle and tenacity inspired activists and movements against tyranny and injustice.

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