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Tuesday, 10 April 2018 00:00

Organic Program of Young Farmers Creates Positive Result

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Today's young people seem to have very little interest to cultivate the field of agriculture, especially in planting rice. They seem to forget that rice is the staple food of Indonesian people in which geographical area and large food consumption would require thousands of young people who want to cultivate agriculture. The Desema Gema Institution has been established to provide excellent community resources in Agriculture and want to reduce people's dependency on chemical fertilizers. Trained youths can make their own fertilizers based on their local potential. They are prepared to be a generation of farmers now and then. Farming training for the youths is important to create a reproduction of agricultural human resources, which until now is still dominated by the senior, so the existence of the youths is rejuvenation of agricultural human resources.

The government of Indonesia has realized national food sovereignty and security. Thus, the matter of agriculture is the responsibility not only the Ministry of Agriculture, but also other related ministries such as Ministry of Sports and Youth, Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Area, and Transmigration, and Ministry of Manpower.

The organic program of young farmers based on local wisdom and established by the Ministry of Youth and Sports has produced positive results. On Saturday 7 April, there was first organic rice harvest in Kaligerman village, Karanggeneng sub-district, Lamongan regency, East Java. The rice produced is completely organic because the process of planting did not use any chemical fertilizers or insecticides at all.

The organic rice was successfully developed by a young farmer, Husni Mubarok in Lamongan, East Java, who has received special training of organic farming from Gema Desantara institution. He tried to use organic fertilizer in the form of Microbe 5 whose all ingredients are from nature, such as rice, soil of bamboo, brown sugar, banana stems, cow compost and others. Besides being good at health, another of the organic fertilizer use is being cheaper than the chemical fertilizers. Once the making of Microbe 5, it can be used up to four growing seasons. Economically, this is more profitable.

The government of Lamongan regency does support this program that can attract young people to cultivate farming in agriculture. The result was already proven during the first harvest of organic rice. This is stated by Secretary of  Youth and Sports of Lamongan regency, Bambang Didik Suparto. The program of young farmers at Youth and Sports  Ministry was held in 10 provinces throughout Indonesia, and the number of the participants reaches 1.000 young people.

Indonesia will face demographic bonus. Youth potential must be well managed. Otherwise, demographic bonus will be terrible for Indonesia. Organic program of young farmers is part of the farmer regeneration who can continue to serve the profession of being farmers. This program can be one of the most effective ways to make the country prosperous.

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