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Tuesday, 24 April 2018 00:00

Eliminating Sexual Violence against Kids

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Eliminating Sexual Violence against Kids change org

Cases of sexual violence against kids still occur and attract the public's attention. According to Global Report 2017 ‘Ending Violence in Childhood reported by Know Violence in Childhood, an organization under UNICEF, the number of sexual violence against girls worldwide with the ages 15-19 reaches 18 million. This figure excludes the number of violence against boys. Many people wonder why child abuse cases continue to happen (?) Then, how does the Indonesian government overcome the case?

The commitment of the Indonesian government expressed by President Joko Widodo and  Minister of Women's Empowerment of Child Protection, Yohanna Yambise encourages the perpetrators of sexual crimes against kids to be strictly punished. This is aimed at reducing the cases of sexual violence against childrenHowever, the effort will not be fruitful without cooperation with all related stakeholders.


Based on the existing laws, the punishment for child sex offenders is relatively severe. But most importantly, it is not the treatment after the tragedy. But it’s how to keep and protect the children to avoid the deviant behavior of people who are not responsible. The responsibility and protection of the children still depend on their respective parents. Therefore, parents must understand the behavior of the children and the environment around them. They should also provide early understanding to their children about sex, the threat of sexual harassment and sexual violence. In addition, the children are educated how to recognize the people around them who have deviant behavior and may harm the children. Based on experience, most perpetrators of sexual crimes against children are those who are already close to the children.


The children are the next generation that will determine the fate of the Indonesian nation in the future. Therefore, there is no reason not to protect them now and in the future. Both the government and related stakeholders, including the general public have common duty and responsibility to eliminate sexual crimes against children across Indonesia.

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