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Wednesday, 18 July 2018 00:00

The Trump and Putin meeting in Helsinki.

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The Trump and Putin meeting in Helsinki.

Just like  the meeting with   North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore some time ago,  ahead of  Donald Trump's meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, was also preceded by a question mark. A number of international observers doubted not only  the certainty of the  meeting between the two leaders, but also what would result from the talks.  However, the world  witnessed, eventually Donald Trump met  up with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.


The doubts regarding the outcome of the meeting were answered with the statements of the two Presidents  after they met. The US President declared that a one-on-one meeting with his Russian counterpart had been a good start. Russian President told reporters the meeting with Trump had become a negotiating event. According to Putin, the two-hour talks with Trump were  going on in an open and constructive atmosphere. If Trump said  that the talks in Helsinki was a good start, Putin went  further than that,  saying he believed the discussion has been successful and fruitful.

From the explanations of the two leaders, the meeting in Helsinki on Monday, discuss not only bilateral relations, but also regional and international issues. In a bilateral perspective, Putin and Trump have tried to talk about both political and psychological blunt obstacles. Both Putin and Trump clarified allegations of Moscow's intervention,  over Presidential elections won by Trump. In the economic field they discussed efforts to improve relationship that has occurred so far.

Regarding  international affairs, before the meeting Putin stated that he and  Trump would address a complex multinational issue. The one they discussed was their  position in relation to Iran's role, especially in terms of nuclear testing and production.

The question is,  will the meetings of US and Russian Leaders have a significant impact in the context of regional and international relations? In statements clad in diplomatic rhetoric, both have shown positive signals. It may be said that the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, is a good start. Especially for the establishment of good relations between the two countries, which has deteriorated,  particularly since the Crimean annexation by Russia in 2014.

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