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Friday, 12 January 2018 15:03

Coalition in Germany Featured

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Coalition in Germany



Angela Merkel indeed won the election in Germany held in September 2017. But this does not necessarily make Angela Merkel easily govern. After negotiating with the Green party and the Liberal party, eventually the coalition, often called Jamaica, failed to be formed. The name of ‘Jamaica’ arises because the color of the CDU party's flag is black, and the green as a Green party color and the Free Democratic Party is yellow exactly the flag of Jamaica. This failure made German politics uncertain.


Entering 2018, it appears that a coalition between the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU) with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) will be possible. One of the problems concerning the issue of immigrants has come to light. Both sides agreed on a law restricting trained immigrants. But that does not mean that everything is easy. CDU and CSU want to limit the number of incoming immigrants, which is only 70 thousand people per year, while the SPD still allows the immigrants to come. In fact, Germany is now in need of skilled workers because many of its citizens who enter over age are not productive anymore.


If both sides agree on the issue of immigrants, it seems open to discuss cooperation in the coalition to form a government. But the SPD itself needs to make an internal vote whether to cooperate with CDU and CSU. If some members of SPD refuse to form a coalition, the coalition plan is over.


Bagi Angela Merkel masih ada dua pilihan, yaitu menjalankan pemerintahan dengan suara minoritas, atau melaksanakan pemilihan ulang. Dengan pemilihan ulang peluang Merkel untuk menjadi Kanselir keempat kalinya bisa saja kandas.


For Angela Merkel, there are still two options: running the government with a minority vote, or carrying pout re-election. By holding re-election, Merkel's chance to become Chancellor for four times might fail.


This uncertain political condition in Germany is not expected to continue. As one of the major countries in the European Union, Germany acts as a dynamiter in Europe. The crisis in Germany can affect the European Union as a whole.

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