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Wednesday, 17 January 2018 00:00

Vancouver Summit, Solution For Korean Conflict? Featured

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Vancouver Summit, Solution For Korean Conflict?

At least 20 countries on Tuesday  held  a High Level Conference discussing the two Korean conflict in Vancouver, Canada. In the meeting initiated by the United States and Canada, the start of the talks was still focused on imposing sanctions on North Korea, for its activities in conducting nuclear tests. Perhaps that is why, China was not invited in Vancouver. As is known, Beijing is North Korea's major ally and trade partner.

The China’s absence  may  related to  US and Japanese statements before the conference. They insisted that the conference would focus on sanctions imposed on North Korea, rather than seeking solutions to the feud between the two nations living on the same peninsula. Japanese government sources said that countries in the world need to force the North Korean government to change its policies. By  maximizing  pressure through all available means, including through full implementation of United Nations Security Council resolutions.

On the other hand, it is still possible that  the Vancouver summit would  come up with another solution that leads to both Koreas’ peace move. Host of the Conference, Canadian Foreign Minister Christia Freeland, as reported by Vietnamese radio, had been in talks with her South Korean counterpart Kyung-wha on various issues including bilateral relations.

On the sidelines of the summit yesterday, Foreign Minister Freeland revealed the possibility of a diplomatic solution to solve the North Korean nuclear test problem. On the same day, Foreign Minister Freeland also held a separate meeting with the Japanese Foreign Minister, Taro Kono. From these facts, there appeared to be an attempt to resolve the crisis of North and South Korea through a diplomatic approach.

The efforts of a truly diplomatic solution are still open. North Korea and South Korea on Tuesday 9 January seemed to have a similar view about the need for military talks, to ease tensions between the two countries. As reported by the BBC, South Korea called on North Korea to end hostile acts that could escalate tensions, while North Korea agreed to the need of a peaceful atmosphere on the Korean Peninsula.

It remains to be seen whether the summit in Vancouver could help both Koreans solve their problems or not. Apparently, the key is in the United States that hosted the meeting with  Canada. If Washington persists in its policy, diplomatic efforts may still be difficult to achieve. While the shift in Washington's stance is likely to change Beijing's position as Pyongyang's main ally. It is undeniable that the two Koreas can not be separated from the influence of the United States and China.

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