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Political crisis in Algeria

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Political crisis in Algeria


On Wednesday (March 13, 2019), the Algerian people held a mass rally in several cities in Algeria. They rejected the package of political solutions put forward by the ruling President, Abelaziz Bouteflika on Monday. What exactly was put forward by the President so the Algerian people refused? President Abelaziz decided to postpone the implementation of the general election.

They rallied against the decision by stating violations of the constitution on articles No. 107 and 110. Their demands are that the general elections be held on April 18, 2019 as stated before and the incumbent President cannot participate in the general election. He already accommodated the wishes of the protesters not to run again. However, that is not enough because they considered the postponement of the general election only to extend his term of office.

This crisis is triggered by President Bouteflika's desire to take part in the upcoming general election. However, many wishes are not expected by many people because President Bouteflika has been in power for 20 years and his health condition is less stable after suffering a stroke six years ago. Although he finally chooses not to take part in the election again and even overhauled the composition of the cabinet, President Bouteflika does not clearly specify how long the election will be postponed. So, there is concern if he then appoints a certain successor to replace him. Another concern is that delaying the general election can threaten democracy in Algeria.

Algeria experienced a political crisis in the 80s which led to armed conflict in the 90s and ended in 2002. Of course, no one expects a similar conflict in Algeria. Now, the important role in the hands of the elite in the country is to find the best solution so that the political crisis can be resolved immediately without bloodshed and the Algerian people can accept the solution.

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