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Tuesday, 14 May 2019 09:16

Specialty Coffee Indonesia was introduced in Cairo

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Ambassador Helmy Fauzy Ambassador Helmy Fauzy kemenlu


In an effort to encourage the development of the national coffee industry through efforts to increase coffee consumption abroad, especially in Egypt, the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo held Coffee seminars and training for Indonesian students and students in Egypt with the theme "Role of Baristas Against National Coffee"

Indonesia has good opportunities and prospects because it is the largest coffee producing country and the first exporter of exports to Egypt followed by Vietnam, India, Brazil and Italy. In 2018 the export performance of Indonesian Coffee products to Egypt showed a significant number from year to year, the growth trend of Indonesian coffee exports from 2014 to 2018 reached 15, 24%, the acquisition of Indonesian coffee exports in the period January - February 2019 reached 10, 36 million US dollars with 5615 tons experiencing an increase of 19.71% compared to the same period of the previous year at 8.65 million US dollars with 4208 tons. In 2018 Indonesian coffee exports to Egypt posted a value of USD 56.97 million US dollars or an increase of 7.91% compared to the export value in 2017 of 52.79 million US dollars. Indonesian coffee in Egypt still ranks first in Egypt with 61% dominating the Egyptian coffee market in January-February 2019.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Egypt, Helmy Fauzy in his remarks at the opening of the National Coffee Seminar and Training at the Cultural Hall, Indonesian Embassy in Cairo, Wednesday - May 8, 2019 explained the richness and diversity of Nusantara Coffee which is a great potential that can be marketed abroad.

"Indonesia has various types of specialty coffee known in the world such as Kopi Gayo from Aceh, in Papua there is Wamena Coffee, in the middle of Indonesia there is Toraja Coffee and in the South there is Coffee from Flores with distinctive taste, acidity and aroma according to geographical indications that are superior Indonesia, there is tobacco flavored coffee. "This is a challenge in the future to be able to introduce Indonesia not only to coffee, but also to all Indonesian superior products as a whole," said Ambassador Helmy. (kemenlu)

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