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Friday, 02 February 2018 00:00

The conflict in Yemen

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The conflict in Yemen


Yemeni government has not managed to solve the Houthi rebel issue, which controls some of the territory in the north of Yemen. Now, a new conflict occurs on which previously, a group  also fought the Houthi. The group calls itself as the Southern Transitional Council -STC and supports the paramilitary group of the Southern Rebel Troop -SRF occupying the capital Aden.  Yemen's interim government led by Abdoul Rabbo Mansyour Hadi is based in Aden, after the capital of San'a occupied by the Houthi rebels. Fighting between paramilitaries and government forces lasted for 3 days and they even managed to surround the Presidential House in Aden on 30 January 2018. Earlier on Sunday, STC had issued an ultimatum to stage a coup if President Mansour Hadi had not reshuffled his cabinet, which was considered corrupt.  Those who are in in the list are required to step down, such as Prime Minister, Ahmed bin Dagher and his cabinet members. But President Mansour Hadi persisted and did not change the composition of his cabinet. In fact, the leader of the rebel, Aidarous al-Zubaidi was previously a partner of President Abdoul Hadi. Zubaidi helped Hadi fight Houthi in the Aden region and was later appointed to be the city's governor. The verbal clash and mutual accusations are inevitable, after Hadi considers al-Zubaidi to receive financial and armed support from the United Arab Emirates. Zubaidi countered the charge by saying that the Hadi government was corrupt and tried to eliminate the STC. The relationship of these two allies was immediately away and opposite. Thus, the Yemeni government faces two fronts at once: in the North facing Houthi rebels and in the south facing the STC rebellion. Yemen's situation is apprehensive, because instead of getting better but even becoming uncertain. Under these conditions, Indonesia as a friendly country of Yemen should encourage the parties and states involved to establish dialogue. Everyone knows that the victims of the conflict must be civilians. Consequently, both sides become victims.

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